Shit’s Goin’ Down in Flowerbud Village


  • Elli’s grandmother straight-up died, dude.
  • All the kids are gettin’ pretty dark.  Like “Why do people die?”
  • Ann maybe accepted my marriage proposal, I have no idea?
  • Oh, wait, we’re totally married one week later.
  • NO I’m not going to find that butterfly for you!
  • Aw shit son, nearly got that winery restored!
  • What’s the deal with the Blue Feather, anyway?
  • I swear to Christ if this cow gets sick one more time…
  • Gray.  Why you throwin’ so much shade, dawg?
  • Damn, Harvest Goddess, you fly. Can I trade brides yet?
  • Fuuuuuuck not another goddamn typhoonnnnn.

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