Makeup Stuff: VoxBox

I received my first Influenster Beauty VoxBox yesterday.  This will be my first of a couple posts about this box.  This first one, I’ll just explain what it is and why I’m THRILLED.

What it Is:

Influenster is a site that sends out sample kits to its users for free.  In return, they ask you to write reviews of the products on their site and do a blog/vlog on the kit.  That’s really it.  You get samples of all sizes–full-size, “deluxe” multi-use samples and one-use samples.  They don’t ask for lengthy, intricate reviews; you just fill out a basic survey about the products.

How it Works:

You start by signing up for free on the Influenster site.  You basically need to prove to them that you have a little influence in your chosen field–they do men’s, crunchy, pets, beauty, baby boomer… tons of niche categories.   I first pursued beauty, but I’ve also been working on geeky, foodie and others!  To “prove” your influence, you submit a little data about your blog, your Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social media outlets.  Basically, how many followers and how often you post.  I have this blog, a few followers on Twitter and about a hundred-odd Facebook friends, so you don’t need to be a Guru to get on the list!

What you do have to do is be patient.  I signed up several months ago.  And the site was a lot more basic then, so it was actually pretty confusing how to proceed.  Now, they’re redesigned the site to help you along a lot more.  You can write reviews of products you have used and try to earn badges by filling out surveys about your buying habits.  It doesn’t really ask invasive questions and it’s not skeevy, like most survey sites are!

When you’re finally selected for the VoxBox, you get an email letting you know.  You have a day or two to get to their site and let them know that you’re in to do it.

A couple days later, you get the box in the mail.  They ask you to go to their site and click a button to let them know that you’ve got it.  They give you a couple weeks to enjoy the products, then they email you with a (mandatory) survey about the goods.  I haven’t gotten my survey yet, but I DO have my box!

What Was In It?

This box was FREE to me.  I’m going to estimate that the total retail value (including the coupon) was close to $50.  That’s pretty cool!  I knew about the VoxBox from random beauty bloggers, but I didn’t know what to expect.  I was pretty impressed!

I feel like I’m going to forget something here, so expect a complete list of goods in my next post about the VoxBox.  BUT I remember off-hand a full-size Vitabath Body Mist, a mini Bath and Body works candle PLUS a coupon for $10 a large one, a pair of Goody spin pins, NYC Color eyeshadow compact, Kiss Ever Pro falsie lashes, Not Your Mother’s curl-defining cream and a packet of Eboost.  And some of the brands offer exclusive discounts for Influensters.

The Verdict:

For free, I’m not sure you can get much better out there.  Don’t sign up for this expecting a monthly gift in the mail, and definitely don’t sign up expecting anything right away!  But it’s a fun thing to do if you don’t mind being farmed for reviews and opinions (I don’t.)

2 responses to “Makeup Stuff: VoxBox”

  1. So where will your (mandatory) reviews show up?? Can we read them?

    1. The mandatory part is a survey on the Influenster site.
      A full review is optional, but encouraged to earn more “Influenster” clout. I’ll be putting up a full review post here once I’ve sampled the products. I’ve tried about half of them. I need to give the hair pins a go–the instructions for them seem SO EASY, but I know it won’t be haha!

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