PopSugar Must Have : March 2016

IMG_1221Ahhhh, the PSMH. My fave.

The Must Have box is $39.95 monthly is about five lifestyle, fashion and home items with a combined value over $100. Often, there are items that are PopSugar-exclusives. They’ve just added the Must Have Mini, which includes two full-size products for just $18.95. A promo email promised that the value would always be over $30, so that’s nice.

The Must Have box is one I pick up and drop randomly based on my budget and teaser items. This month, I snatched the box because the teaser item was an exclusive Nanette Lepore watch. I figured if I didn’t love it, someone in my life definitely would. I was not wrong.

The Overall – PSMH is my forever-love. Even when something isn’t quite right for me, I always know someone who will love it.

Nanette Lepore Rose Gold Watch ($55 value) – The dial is large and beautiful. It has a “vegan leather” beige strap. My boyfriend pulled it out of the box and immediately threw it on. While I would probably switch the strap out for him, it really did look very nice on him. This particular design is a PopSugar exclusive. It came in a mesh drawstring bag, which wasn’t super to me. I wish it came in a nicer container, like a box. But that’s picky, I guess.

Pixi by Petra Book of Beauty Minimal Makeup Palette ($24 value) – Pixi is a nice brand. This was two highlighters, two blush/bronzers and four eyeshadows (split in two pans). The shades aren’t right for me, so I’ll be gifting this to my mom. But it’s a very nice set and the pans are all generously sized.

Go-Vino Go Anywhere Carafe and Glass Set ($14.95 value) – The plastic on this feels rather flimsy to me, but it’s nice for a guest bedroom nightstand.

Hello Extra Whitening Toothpaste ($4.49 value) – This is “naturally friendly” toothpaste without being chalk. I’m excited to see how whitening this is without peroxide.

Goodie Girl Cookies Toffee Chaos ($5 value) – These are gluten-free, made with rice flour. They’re very crispy. We all decided that the texture isn’t great, but the toffee flavour is nice and I could see these being great with coffee.

Miss Ivy Pearl Tassel Necklace ($38 value) – This is one of those things I can’t decide if I love or hate. I like the LOOK of tassel jewelry, but the practice of wearing it is a different thing. Some of the tassels need trimmed or hit with a little clear nail polish to keep ’em in place, but it’s a very different piece from anything I’d ever choose. The colourway is great for spring.

Free MyLola Tampon Box ($10 value) – This is a 100% cotton tampon subscription service. I’ll give this a whirl.

3 responses to “PopSugar Must Have : March 2016”

    1. Thank you! I’ve always loved tassel jewelry in the theoretical sense, but wearing it has been weird.

  1. […] got a free month of Lola tampons through last month’s Pop Sugar box. I figured I would give it a try because, hey, tampons ain’t cheap. (You can get your […]

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