Chiropractic Update

sideHow is it going?

Pretty well! Just please remind me of that when I wake up in the morning…

See, I fight with myself as soon as I wake up about whether or not it’s worth going, worth continuing. I dread going. It feels like too much for too little result.

But then I get it done and over with, and I feel awesome.

I did some muscle tests this week and my chiropractor says that I’m progressing exactly as he hoped. And I notice a difference. In my posture, in how I feel, in attitude toward life.

Are my mystical subluxations cured? I’ve noticed no change in organ function (well, except that I poop more regularly now, but I personally attribute that more to increased water intake, increased vegetable intake, exercise and that daggone vibration machine…)

But is it working? Given that my hopes were to change the curve of my neck (I can feel this change), to lessen my sciatic pain (so minimal!) and to lessen my left shoulder nerve pain (jury’s out on that one), I’m feeling great about the care I’ve received. It helps that my chiropractor is obviously skilled and that his office is staffed by some incredibly friendly, helpful people.

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