handSpeaking of delightful divination, I also teased that I’d be studying up on my love of palm reading.

I’ve been interested in palm reading since I was a kid.  My brother bought a pocket-sized book on the topic when I was in grade school (which I wish I still had) and it instantly captured my interest.  Of all the forms of fortune telling, it seemed somewhat plausible to me because at least parts of our lives will manifest in our hands and having certain hands means you’ll naturally be more adept at certain pursuits.

I’ve been studying up to get just a bit more adept at palm reading, as well as to learn a bit more about its history.  I’d happily take book recommendations!  Are you curious about palm reading?  I like this site‘s easy diagrams!

There are some guidelines in learning palm reading.  You learn the cardinal lines of the hand and what the patterns they present might mean.  For instance, many people have heard of the life line, which generally curves around the muscles of the thumb.  The shape, markings and depth of the line all hold special meanings that offer the reader some talking points.  However, this must be read in relation to the other lines, making the practice highly subjective with room for embellishment from more theatrical performers.  Likewise, most practitioners take cues from other aspects of the hand–a weathered, scarred hand will get a very different reading than a soft, unmarked one.

A rude, gross grade school trick:

Tell someone you’re a skilled palm reader.  Spend a bit studying their palm and start giving some vague insights you make up on the spot.  Point to the center of the palm and say, “Oh!  Look here!  It shows that you’re going to have a pool!” and then spit in the center of their palm (or, if you’re not a gross-o, just pour some beer out in their hand.)

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