We Are Only Children: A Zine

photo 2 (1)Reviewing a zine is highly subjective.  We Are Only Children is objectively awesome.  Fact.

Each month, creator/curator Cat Rocketship sends along a little bundle of neato. Usually, that means one hand-drawn, photocopied zine (or two) and stickers she printed. In the past, issues have included hand painted artwork, screen printed cards and more.

I’m in love with Cat’s art style, so that makes loving We Are Only Children very, very easy.  But if I needed something to put me over-the-top in love with it, the overwhelming sense of calm and curiosity I get when I browse through it would do the trick.

This month’s issue featured a volume of Cat’s “Make Your Own Bible”, inspired by the advice of Ralph Waldo Emerson.  Each page featured a quote Cat wrote and surrounded with a drawing, and each was as uplifting as the last.  I immediately ripped it apart to shove the pages in random nooks of my office.  It was much-needed!


As a bonus detail, the envelope had Kentucky flag stamps. That just warmed my heart-parts.

2 responses to “We Are Only Children: A Zine”

  1. Ooooo I didn’t know Cat was doing a ‘zine!
    I’m interested but a little leery because I’m not a very emo person. But for $8? Sure I’ll bite.

    1. This page has a lot more examples of what she tends to send out. (I don’t order through this site because it charges shipping.) https://stickrs.squarespace.com/zines/we-are-only-children

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