Influenster Review: Gillette Venus Embrace Sensitive razor

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If you’re interested in hearing about me shaving my legs for the first time in several months…

Putting a razor through this kind of test seems unfair to me.  But the Venus Embrace Sensitive razor handled my hairy legs with no problem.  Like, I’m not going to give you a measurement on my leg hair, but I hadn’t shaved since… man, I don’t even remember.  Sometime in early summer, I guess? And I hadn’t exfoliated properly, either.

The Venus Embrace Sensitive razor handled it with zero irritation.  Normally, I end up with nicks and razor burn because I’m ridiculously clumsy.  I over-shave because I KNOW any missed hair will stick out (literally…)  This razor even went over my knees with no trouble!

The handle is very squishy, grippy and comfortable to hold.  The head pivots nicely.  The blades are inset in the head.  I will say that this made getting my armpits very difficult, but it handled my leg hair with zero stubble.  I prefer to use a cheaper razor on my pits, so this is FINE by me.

The Venus Embrace Sensitive razor is about on-price with others of its ilk, so I’d fully recommend it for anyone else who has trouble with shaving their legs.  In the past, I’ve used depilatory creams, but I think this might be my new go-to razor.

2 responses to “Influenster Review: Gillette Venus Embrace Sensitive razor”

  1. Does this mean you won’t be dying your leg-hair blue?

    1. HA! Honestly, I know someone, somewhere has done it.

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