M&Ms Seasonal Variety Review: Candy Apple

It’s about that time, right?  Time for another seasonal M&Ms offering and time for lots of faux apple and pumpkin flavoured stuff.  So lo and behold… M&Ms Candy Apple variety!

I purchased a bag at Wal-Mart for $2.35 (or so).  Upon opening, there wasn’t much of a smell.  These are sized a bit like the peanut butter M&Ms, but irregular.  They’re red and darker red, much like the Valentine’s Day chocolate covered cherry variety.

The faux apple flavouring is pleasant and a perfectly fine bedmate for the M&Ms signature faux chocolate flavour (ooh, burn!)  Other seasonal M&Ms seem to hang around on my tongue, but these didn’t seem to–that’s actually wonderfully refreshing, as far as M&Ms go!  Some other reviews report detecting a cinnamon flavour, but I think that’s more expectation and icky artificial colouring than actual ingredient (M&Ms always have a bit of a burn to me if I suck on them.  Bleck!)  My bag was cold from being transported on top of cold stuff, and that was actually really pleasant.  If you’re going to grab a bag, I recommend keeping them in the fridge.

The TL;DR Tastes a little like fake apple flavour.  Not bad.

Would I buy another bag?  I kind of liked them, but the size was a real turn-off.

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