Beauty Box 5 August 2014 Review

So as I detailed in my last post, this is my final Beauty Box 5.  Picture and review below the jump!

photo (24)

This box arrived on the 9th with no shipping hiccups (hurray) but I was on vacation when it came, so I didn’t pick it up until later.  The tl;dr?  The products were okay, but just not good enough to make me re-think my previous stance on this company.  I got the same stuff as My Subscription Addiction, so I think there’s not a ton of variety in these boxes.

I’m not sad to say goodbye to this box.  I’m back with Ipsy starting next month.  Every time I pulled something out of this box, I just sat it aside.  I wasn’t thrilled to try any of the products.  I put on the lipgloss and Snapchatted my Barbie doll lips to some folks, but I didn’t use anything else for several days.  I never even opened the sunscreen (honestly, it could only disappoint me.)  So farewell, Beauty Box 5.  I hope someone out there finds you and loves you.


Novex Brazilian Keratin “Hair Food” (sample size) – This came in a large packet.  I used half of the product on my hair.  You’re to wash your hair as normal, then apply to damp hair and leave on for a honking 25 minutes before rinsing.  It instructs you to wrap your head with plastic wrap, but mama ain’t about that noise.  Petroleum jelly is the second ingredient, then Keratin.  This contains parabens, which are thought to be linked to breast cancer, and several chemicals that are thought to be hazardous.  Great.  Also, “Hair Food” really freaks me out.  I dunno…  My hair did come out feeling silky, but not awesome–until I washed my hair again.  The second wash has my hair feeling super soft and lovely.  You can buy a 1kg tub of this stuff for $14.99 from Sally Beauty Supply.  I’ll pass…

Nanacoco Lipgloss in Mysterious (full size – $4 value) – I think this is the right shade (I can’t recall.)  At any rate, it’s a thick, gloopy Barbie doll pink.  There’s something about a fairly opaque candy pink lipgloss that’s too 60s–too Femmebot–for me.  This smells nice and it stays pretty well.  As it wears off, the pigment sticks around fairly well, so this is a good lip gloss.  I just don’t love the colour.  I was looking on their site to match up the tubes and none of those really matched–and looking at reviewers’ swatches, the other shades don’t match what’s on the site, either.  That’s a shame.

Purlisse SPF 30 Sunscreen (sample size) – Yawn.  This is .3 oz.  It retails for $55 for 1.7 oz. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Style Essentials Nail Polish (full size… ish) – So I was only able to find this polish on sale on the Beauty Box 5 website as part of a set of 4 polishes (is an item full-size if it’s only sold as part of a set?)  This is a smaller bottle, but $7 for 4 is a nice deal.  This is a large mermaid glitter.  The pieces kind of have to be placed or just applied thickly, but it gives a really nice shimmer.  It’s fine.

LA Fresh Travel Lite Makeup Remover Towelettes (sample size) – Gotten this before from Ipsy.  They’re nice.

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