Influenster Sample Review: Aveeno Positively Radiant Targeted Tone Corrector

I received this sample via Influenster to review and share with you guys! (ask me if you’d like to be an Influenster for free!)

So the Aveeno Positively Radiant Targeted Tone Corrector is designed to “help fade the look of dark spots and uneven tone”. I’m sure there’s a better word for those spots where hundreds of freckles convene to create brown patches, but I just call ’em my muddy spots. I’ve been using this product on those areas for a few weeks now, and I’m actually noticing a difference in those spots on my face!
The tube recommends using the product twice a day, then applying sunscreen over the area. It warns that there may be some redness or tingling, but I haven’t experienced that.
The product is thin but easy to apply. It goes on more or less weightlessly–it doesn’t feel sticky or heavy. I usually apply it, wait for it to dry for a minute while I buzz around the house in the morning, then cover it with makeup. It doesn’t seem to lessen the effect or interfere with my makeup. WIN! It has a very slight smell. My nose is really sensitive to fragrances on my face, but this doesn’t bother me.
For 1.1fl oz, this retails for $14.99. I feel like even for someone who would need to cover a large area with this product, they’d still be using a tiny amount of this product per application, so that price is really great. THe reviews on their website actually aren’t glowing, which is surprising to me. I think if you’ve ever experienced sensitivity or allergic reactions to similar products, you should definitely steer clear. I also think that tone correcting is kind of a personal perspective thing. I would never expect my brown spots to disappear completely, but this product is definitely lifting the shade. I still look freckly, but I can definitely see a change in the area!

One response to “Influenster Sample Review: Aveeno Positively Radiant Targeted Tone Corrector”

  1. This reminds me of — now don’t be mad — a cream my grandmother used to fade her age spots, called Esoterica. Amazon sells 2.5 oz for $10. Also Clinique was pushing their “Dark Spot Clinical Corrector” hard last year. Do you remember the ads with the spotted eggs? Of course that’s more expensive : 1 oz for $50.
    I imagine someday I will be looking into these products!

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