Ipsy March 2014

So my review of this bag will break from standard format.  Please bear with me.

First, lemmie get this out of the way: I didn’t care for this month’s ipsy at all.  Three of the four products immediately went on the “giveaway” pile (the lipstick, eyeshadow and Pixi poreless product shades were eh.) The bag itself I just do not like-the print is awesome and I love that they’ve gotten an artist to design it, but the oilcloth feels so icky and the printing process made the colours all muddled.  I’m SUPER bummed that I didn’t get the OPI nail polish (only because I’m probably gunna buy the whole line!)

But here’s the thing.  I’ve been looking at other subscription services and I’ve been trying to make up my mind about whether I’d like to spend my $10 a month elsewhere.  It forced me to really take a look at why I’m subscribed to ipsy (aside from the fact that several of my friends are subbies!)  Honestly? I love getting stuff in the mail.  I love having a set budget for makeup every month (which I mostly stick to.)  I love getting to try products that I would absolutely never spring the cash to try.  I love that ipsy isn’t just a “curated collection”–the cash value of the bag is always more than what I paid.  I love chatting about makeup, especially with friends.  I like the ipsy community, I like having backup gifts (ha), I like the ipsyPoints program and I like having something to look forward to!

So I’m keeping ipsy.  Even though I have a million black eyeliners and mascaras.  Even though I get products every month that I don’t care for.  Even though I almost never buy the products I get in the bag.  Even though I have a zillion little makeup bags kickin’ around, just waiting for a home.

I’ve looked into other subscription services and I’m still undecided.  I’m willing to hear your pitches for other services!

4 responses to “Ipsy March 2014”

  1. I quite like my bag. I think I got the “other” choices. I like the bag — the texture doesn’t put me off. But like you I have a plethora of bags! Mostly they go to somebody else.

    OPI nail polish: I’m going to set this aside for you. It’s a lovely light blue.

    Be A Bombshell quad eye shadow : I’m going to keep this on the theory I need to be a little more adventurous with my shadow. The color collection is called “Bora Bora” and they’re pretty vibrant. I’m guessing you got the NYX palette which looked pretty bland. ( i.e. something I already have a lot of! ). Also I feel like NYX is something I can go out and get any old time.

    Bare Minerals lipstick : I didn’t care for the color which looked different on my lips than I thought it would but you have to admit it’s cute in its smallness. Funny that bareMinerals would go to the trouble of making a sample size. Seems like it would be more cost effective to send the full size.

    Klorane Eyes Patches : Ha ha. No. I mean, I might fart around with it late one night but there’s no way I’m paying $18 for a weeks worth of these things. I’m pretty skeptical about any kind of “firming” claims. I got two so I’ll put one aside for you.

    Overall I’m pretty happy with ipsy. I don’t think you can beat the price. I was paying $15/month for an “eco-friendly” box that wasn’t nearly as amusing to me. I know it might seem ridiculous to pay $10 per month just to be surprised but…

    Now if you want to drop some serious cash on a subscription head over to quarterly.co. Nothing is less than $50/month. I made the mistake of getting one of the HelloFresh boxes at (gulp) $100. As soon as I opened it I realized my mistake. Yeah the value of the box was > $100 but for $100 I want to pick what I’m getting. ( Seems obvious, right? ) Also there’s a weird fanboy aspect to it. Everybody there is some kind of Internet celebrity ( think dooce ). I suspect that’s a large motivation for some people.

    1. Aaah that polish!
      You’re totally right–those samples are way cute, but I agree, I have no idea how it’s more cost effective than a full size. This shade almost perfectly matched my lips so whomp whomp.
      Would you like the NYX palette? The shades that came to me were matte, ranging from a vanilla shade to medium-dark brown. They’re cute but I don’t often wear browns. You can have the Pixi poreless, too, though I seem to remember you saying you don’t care for that product. It’s kind of shimmery and darker than my skin tone, but it’s pretty sheer.
      “Curated” boxes are just not my thing, I think. I’m with you–for that investment, I want to be pleased every time and that’s just not gonna happen. I’d love to see more subscription services allow their customers to choose products, even if it’s just one product per box. Yeah, and I DO NOT CARE who curated my box, so long as that person picks stellar stuff. Haha Though Bill Nye does have one, and well…
      Anyway, I’ve come down to debating getting several different subscription boxes, like a Japanese candy one or an “adult” one. Haha I just can’t decide!

      1. Don’t bother saving the NYX. Not only can I pick it up cheap, I have 2 NAKED palettes that have those shades more than covered.

        Also don’t bother with the Pixi poreless ( sorry — you got jacked this month! ).

        Yeah the Bill Nye one is conveniently WAIT LISTED… keeping my pocketbook safe. Even with the experience I had, a lot of those boxes are tempting. ( What does that say about me??)

        Which are the Japanese candy and “adult” ones?!?! Google offers up skoshbox for the Japanese candy but too many to count for the adult!

      2. You can see why I was whomp whomp about this bag 😉 Still, love the surprise, love getting mail!
        I’ve been checking out the reviews over here of several adult boxes: http://www.ramblingsofasuburbanmom.com/monthly-subscription-box-list/
        I’ve also toyed with the idea of Volupties, a plus-size panty subscription: http://volupties.myshopify.com/

        All of the Japanese candy ones seem to be soso from the reviews, so i guess I’ll pass. T_T

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