Creationism vs Evolution Debate

Listen, if your concern is that we don’t know precisely what happened before certain parts of the chain, that we don’t know what ignited The Big Bang, that we don’t know how consciousness came about, that we’re not totally certain exactly how old the earth is


I don’t think textbooks should posit that we know these things to be fact because we don’t.  We can make extremely educated theories based on the evidence we have, and I think responsible textbooks put that information forward in exactly that way.

But if your concern is that the text of one document doesn’t match up to the evidence that’s provided, then you need to admit that you want people to believe in your religion and that you want your religion taught in schools.  And if that is so, you need to accept that we don’t do that.  And we don’t do that because we don’t want to teach every religion or religious earth origin.

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