November Ipsy Bag: Glam It Up

The Overall this Month?  I think I received 5 full-sized products worth nearly $80, plus a large eye shadow.  I definitely feel like the $10 was well spent this month!  I’m not in love with every shade I received and I was underwhelmed to receive yet another black mascara, but I’m excited to use these products in the future.

em Michelle Phan Cosmetic lash gallery mascara “dramatic volume” in black: So we got em makeup, and I get mascara?  Seriously?  It’s a fine mascara.  It’s got a nice applicator wand.  I don’t think it was terribly volumizing or lengthening, but it swiped on nicely.  I think $20 is overpriced, though.

Be a Bombshell lip crayon in Shameless: This has a tiny bit of texture to it, but swatched on my hand, it looks really smooth.  This shade is just about perfect for me.  It’s a pleasant pinky mauve with a little brown to it.  The site describes it as a burgundy, but it’s very sheer.  Unfortunately, the lipstick came loose.  It didn’t break; it actually fell out of the inside.  I wonder if these are poorly made.  They’re $14 on the Bombshell site.

Pixi Beauty Bronzer in Subtly Suntouched: First, I hate bronzers.  I’m fair skinned.  Bronzers are usually too dark on me.  This looked really dark in the package, but when I swept it on, it was a little pink and more like a blush.  The site describes it as “medium honey tan”.    I don’t expect to use this much because I’m pretty rosy-cheeked.  This is $18 on their site, but it does come with a kabuki brush.  I think it’s on par, price-wise.

bh Cosmetics Galaxy Chic Baked Eye shadow in Sun: In the tradition of “baked” eye shadows, this is a dome.  It’s gold with rosy red splotches.  It goes on like a really nice rose gold.  Unlike the last bh eye shadows, this went on nicely without any primer.  It’s a great shade for me.  I love that they package their products especially for the ipsy bags.  This is part of a palette that’s $14.95 and I think it might be a nice buy, though it’s a bit heavy on pinks/reds and blue/purples.

Starlooks Gem Eye Pencil in Amethyst: The pencil itself looks purple, but on, it shows up as mostly silver.  I think $14 is steep for an eye pencil.  This doesn’t make a terribly solid line and it’s slightly spotty–you can definitely see the pieces of glitter and there’s some fallout.  Still, I really love this.  Is it better than $1 Wet n’ Wild?  Yes, but I’m not sure it’s that big a difference.

Nailtini Straight Up Nail Color in Champagne: In the bottle, the color is somewhere between champagne and rose gold.  It goes on pretty sheer, so I’m thinking this needs three coats.  I didn’t get there because it looks pretty sickly on me; it’s too close to my skin tone.  I know I’ve complained about this before, but their nail polish is $13 a bottle and they claim the whole concept behind their shades is to layer them.  I was disappointed with the formula on this, so I feel confident saying this particular shade is not a buy.

3 responses to “November Ipsy Bag: Glam It Up”

  1. The amount of product in this month’s bag is crazy good!

    I didn’t get any mascara! I got an em lipstick in the shade of “I’m taken all red-y” (which is to say basic red ). I didn’t think it would work with my fair coloring but it goes on very sheer. ( So maybe not “lipstick” after all? Whatever — it’s lip product in a tube. ) But I have a lot of lip products already and it’s pretty mediocre so I don’t think this will get much rotation after the novelty wears out.

    Bombshell lipstick is better but I already have similar lipstick from Tarte that is just perfect for me ( like I’m on my 3rd one and that shit is not cheap ). So again, it’s a goner once the novelty wears off.

    I don’t have much hope for Pixi blush/bronzer. I didn’t get much product transfer even when I rubbed it directly onto my hand. I have low opinion of Pixi products in general so this just confirms it.

    No eyeshadow for me! Instead I got some argan oil.

    I’m excited about the eye pencil because I’ve recently started experimenting with putting light shimmery eye pencils on my eyelids instead of powder. I got a set of NYX jumbo pencils recently to that end. I doubt I’ll be buying this eye pencil because they wind up lasting so long I’m generally tired of them well before they’re used up.

    Overall I’m really pleased. I view the whole glambag experience as a chance to try different makeup for cheap. I never expect to fall in love or use up something and purchase. So I count anything I use at least once as a “win”.

    1. Argh! I really kinda wanted the argan oil because I just spilled the bottle of Josie Maran I got in a glam bag a while back and I’m like T_T. It’s only $14 on QVC for the size I got in the bag and I’ve been using it for months so I GUESS I can go ahead and get it. Ha! Though instead, I’ve been using the Big Sexy Hair soy renewal stuff from a couple bags back and it’s been working pretty darn well.

      I’ve been wearing the eyeliner a fair bit. It’s a really nice lil’ something to just slap on and go.

      I know em cosmetics has a sheer lipstick, so I bet that’s what you got. I much, much, much prefer sheer lipsticks. I get the most use out of those in the winter when I’ll be out a while–it keeps my lips from going totally pale and works in place of a chapstick sort of.

      1. If you email me your address, I’ll send you the argan oil. ( Call it a Xmas present! )

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