Ipsy September 2013: Classic Beauty

ImageMy Gift to All of You.

The Overall: Kind of a boring theme.  “Classic”, to me, reads “products you already have far too many of”.  And sure enough.  There were a couple of pleasant surprises here, not the least of which–unless I’m sorely mistaken, the only sample size product in this bag was Michelle Phan’s (and can we talk about that a second?  She launches a makeup line and doesn’t get it put into the Glam Bags?  Not even a single pot of shadow?)  Anyway, I got my tracking number today (the 12th) but it actually shipped out on the 6th.  Why are they holding onto the tracking numbers?  Are people really that impatient?

Freeman Beauty Paper Facial Mask: I’d never tried these, so it was the first thing I sampled out of the box.  I picked the rose one (my boyfriend reasoned I’d like it least.)  It’s pink and I felt a bit like Hannibal.  The premade face holes did not fit my face, so I ended up cutting around the eyes and nose.  Now.  My face is really shallow and my nose is small, so I have no idea who this mask is shaped for.  It was also hard as hell to use!  It reminded me of saran wrap–always sticking to itself.  After I took it off, my face felt flushed and a little stingy.  Is my skin brighter?  Uh.  Anyway, for $2, these are a nice occasional splurge.

Elizabeth Mott It’s So Big! Volumizing Mascara: When I think of a volumizing mascara, I think lash thickness.  This made my lashes look way longer, but definitely not thicker.  Still, it’s a decent product and it’s cruelty free.  Yay!  Would I spent $20 on it?  Probably not.  Also?  Dear Ipsy, please, no more black mascara.  Thanks.

Caitlyn Cosmetics Tinted Lip Balm (in Big Apple): I love the packaging on these–the handle is a brush!  This is called a tinted lip balm, but it’s definitely thicker and dryer than that.  The staying power and taste reminded me of a lip stain marker, but it’s sort of a weird texture–rubbing your lips together is sort of frictiony.  The look is matte.  I’d probably skip this product at $20.

NYX Eye Shadow in Deep Charcoal: I love these.  They have really nice colour payoff without primer.  They’re somewhat soft, but it didn’t crumble under a pretty stiff brush I used.  This is a nice shimmery charcoal, though I would’ve loved something more matte.  It wasn’t a very exciting shade.  Anyway, these are $4.50 each, which I think is a great price.

Starlooks Obsidian Kohl Pencil: And another black liner.  I was pleasantly surprised to see that this appeared to be knife sharpened and extra impressed that it made a solid, sharp line right out of the gate.  Usually, liner needs a minute to warm up.  For $12, this is a pretty solid buy in my opinion.  Ya know, if you don’t already have a go-to liner brand. -snort-

4 responses to “Ipsy September 2013: Classic Beauty”

  1. Ok that paper facial mask looks like the weirdest thing ever. I will be passing on that.

    The tinted lip balm sounds promising because you can’t have too many lip products. Ditto the eye shadow. But more mascara and eye liner? As you said, “classic”, meaning “already have”.

    I imagine we will see Michelle’s products in our mailboxes someday. She’s probably having supply line problems right now ( like any start-up ) and she’s being prudent by not sending us all to a website that declares her products are “out of stock”.

    1. As far as the paper mask goes… I get it, because it applies and (mostly) removes the facial with minimal effort. I could see someone on a flight in first class slapping one on. But honestly, I feel like I get a better treatment from a rub-it-on facial, and it looks SO goofy!
      I hope we get some Michelle Phan someday. It’s pricey enough that I’m straight-up not going to buy it until I try it. And I’ve heard really good things, and I truly believe that she would go the extra mile to develop products that feel nice and work well, but I just can’t commit the cash until I’ve seen it for myself. 🙂

  2. Ok finally opened this ( what? I was overseas! ).

    The tinted lip balm is adorable! And completely impractial! Apparently a “lip liner” and a “lipstick brush” require two different skill sets because while I can navigate the former, the latter just left me with a perfect set of clown lips. Who knew.

    The big win for me is the eye shadow. I’ve been thinking about getting another highlight color and the NYX shade of “Hot Crystal” looks like it will do the trick.

    Thanks again for the preview of the masks. I would be ripping into them otherwise. Instead I’ll be donating them to my sister, along with the mascara and eyeliner.

    1. You jetsetter! 🙂
      I’ve been using the lip balm by blotting it onto my lips with my finger. It adds a tiny bit of color and it stays on forever.

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