Ipsy Review: August 2013

The Overall: Solid! I thought I’d be most excited about the Urban Decay lipstick, but the face mask won me over.  This shipped fast (go DHL and your updated tracking page!)  It came with a mascara, which I didn’t really need, but I was pleased, in general.  As far as I can tell, the nail polish and eye shadow are both full-sized and everything else is a deluxe sample.

The Bag: This month’s theme is “Glam Academy”, which I guess is supposed to be some sort of cheeky “Back to School” thing?  The bag is a nice red purple but the print (disappointingly to me) reads “Ipsy Glam Academy”.  I don’t care for the bags being Ipsy branded.  Is that just me?  Also, I know this is picky, but the zipper purple doesn’t match the body.  I know, gripey.

Michael Todd Pumpkin Facial Mask: Whoever put this in the August bag is a genius.  Pumpkin Fever is creeping up on me, so I was happy to smell pumpkin as soon as I squeezed this out of the tube (and pumpkin is the first ingredient, so rightfully so.)  This formula is a bit thin for my taste (my boyfriend didn’t even notice this stuff on until I got close to him, at which point he called me Pumpkin Face and Oompa Loompa.)  It was a bit stingy over some parts of my face that have been a little irritated already and felt sort of warm all over (it contains Glycolic Acid.)  The full size of this is 3.7 oz and at $34, I feel like the price is pretty typical for this sort of product.  Any pumpkinholic would certainly love this, unless said pumpkiphile has sensitive skin.

Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in 69: Sigh.  When I saw that we might be getting a sample tube of Revolution in our bags, I was over the moon.  Unfortunately, it’s a shade that’s pretty unwearable for me.  69 is a brighter raspberry pink than the card shows.  I just swatched this quickly on my hand to confirm that the coverage is fairly opaque, meaning it’s not gunna work for me.  

Nailtini Laquer in Mai Thai: This is a bright, cheery pink (the website calls it coral and shows the bottle as much more orange, but holding my dried nail next to my own bottle, I’d say it dries even pinker!)  The formula is nice and creamy.  One coat is perfectly suitable coverage, but two coats will ensure it’s perfectly opaque.  This retails for $13, which I think is just too pricey, but that’s me.

MICA Beauty Shimmer Powder in Bronze: The website specifies this more as an eye shadow.  I feel like the packaging should reflect that, as well–I assumed it was bronzer.  This is a fairly wearable shade and it sticks pretty well with primer.  It blends nicely, too.

Pixi Beauty Lash Boosting Mascara in Blackest Black: Straight out of the tube, it took some real effort for me to get this stuff to clump or give me spider lashes.  Not sure how it’ll hold up over time, but score one for Pixi.  I’m not really sure what’s supposed to be boosted, but this seems like a nice mascara.

5 responses to “Ipsy Review: August 2013”

  1. i am really hoping for that urban decay lipstick! i should have my bag in a few days, but i really am super excited! esp. since they did a better job at keeping this bag a secret unlike July’s.

    1. I was so excited to get the UD! Shame that the shade just isn’t for me. The formula is great through–good luck!
      The sneak previews for this month were pretty clever.

  2. Oh man, my bag is completely different!

    Instead of the shimmer powder I got Pacifica Alight BB cream. Instead of the pumpkin facial mask ( which I would have loved ) I got some charcoal facial *scrub* ( which I never use ). AND … AND.. .NO URBAN DECAY LIPSTICK WTF MAN I WAS ROBBED! Instead I got some cheeseball vanilla scented lip balm. LIP BALM, I SAY! Hmph.

    Consequently I’m happy to report this bag — the bag they decided to brand with “ipsy” — looks like shit. The purple is ok but the gold brand printed all over looks cheap and florid.

    1. So jealous of the BB cream! Was it a good size sample? The pumpkin facial stuff is supposed to be exfoliating (according to the back of the tube) and it’s definitely not. If your skin isn’t too sensitive for the acid in the pumpkin facial stuff and you’re down to splurge, I’m officially recommending everyone buy it.
      Yeah, I have no idea how they felt like lip balm was an equal trade-out for UD lipstick!
      I haaaaate this sort of Juicy Couture pattern.

      1. Ok I’m back from Camp Crazy and not feeling so much hate towards ipsy now.

        The BB cream is actually quite good. It’s very sheer and light. My history with BB cream is not good. I tried 2 different brands when the whole concept first came out and I would describe both as “light foundations” which is to say a) I had trouble applying them evenly without a brush and b) I felt obliged set them with a finishing powder. In other words, all the work of foundation without the coverage.

        This cream I can slap on like lotion and it looks totally natural. Of course the coverage isn’t there — it just evens out my skin tone a little. But that’s actually what I want so I don’t feel obliged to then add color in the form of blush or bronzer ( which I also had to do with the previous BB creams ).

        The sample is .34 oz — it’s a little smaller than a travel size of toothpaste. But I’ve used it twice now and there’s plenty left.

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