Ipsy Review: June 2013

Under the cut! 😉

Starlooks Lip Pencil in Tickle Me Pink: The texture of this lip pencil is very smooth and buttery.  I got really nice lines out of this.  The pink is a little bright and fun.  It blends nicely and looks really nice on me.  It’s $12, but this is a nice shade that I haven’t found in a pencil that’s this nice.

NYX Blush in Spice: This is a soft, powdery blush.  On me, it was a bit dark and more pink than I had hoped.  I don’t think it’s a great shade for me, but blended carefully, it might work.  This was easy to apply with my fingers or a brush.  For $5, though?  There’s a shade out there for you!  Go for it!

JCat Beauty Sparkling Cream in Suzie: Oh, I am so torn on this product.  One one hand, the shades are lovely–bronze to gold glitter in one palette is lovely, with varying sizes of glitter.  However, glitter stopped being okay sometime in 2002.  It’s a little much. The consistency isn’t great–sort of patchy.  This comes with what are obviously eyeshadow applicators, but the website advises AGAINST using it on the eyes.  But all the tutorials I’m seeing?  Everyone’s using it on their eyes.  I feel like there should’ve been some sort of warning included.  This is $5 and there are some really cool colour palettes, so this could be fun for any glitter lovers.

Cailyn Line-Fix Eye Gel Liner in Purple: This is a pretty, plummy purple worn.  The brush creates a lovely line. On my lid, the line was a little less precise.  Swatched on my hand, it’s hard to rub off.  I like this!  The bottle is very cool with a brush built into the handle.  It retails for $21, which I think is a little pricey.

JCat Beauty Eyelashes in C32: I didn’t try these on, but I felt like they’re a little long for me.  They retail for $4.

The bag: Leopard print with a neon zipper.  I really don’t care for leopard print, but this was a really cool, very different bag.

The shipping: SLOW this month.  The tracking didn’t work for a long time, and it’s worked as soon as I got the email every other time.

4 responses to “Ipsy Review: June 2013”

  1. “…but the website advises AGAINST using it on the eyes. ” Wha..?!?
    Okaaaay… well I’m guessing I won’t use this product then and to be honest I have quite a number of shiny things that can go on my eyes ( or my cheekbones ) so I won’t sweat this.

    I love gel eyeliner… if it comes in a pot and I can use my brush. Otherwise, I have a hard time making a straight line with the built-in-applicator-brushes. (No I can’t explain it either.) But occasionally I like to have a go at it again. Sounds like that time is coming up!

    Ooooo .. eyelashes! I love fake eyelashes, even if they’re long. I’m not opposed to trimming them down and $4 is deliciously cheap.

    1. And let me be precise with how weird the glitter situation is–that warning was on the ipsy website. The brand site just advises using caution around the eye area. Why wasn’t this information included with the product? That’s the first thing I did with it! For me, the glitter wasn’t irritating or anything, but some of the bigger pieces of glitter could be scratchy if they get in the eye. If you like this product, though, you should totally check out their other palettes. They have some beautiful colour combinations!

  2. Btw, that’s the June bag, not July. The July one is sending on this and next week.

    1. Haha thank you for catching that!

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