Doritos Locos Tacos Doritos

I first read about these guys on Serious Eats and their review convinced me. I went to Meijer tonight and after weeks of looking, we found the first and only bag I’ve seen with my own eyes.  So yes, I snatched it for $3.

It’s a mixture of Dorito’s nacho cheese flavor and the Taco Bell taco meat seasoning.  It’s food-ception!  The taste is uncanny—I can almost swear I taste the fresh veggies and meat.  The list of ingredients is shorter than I expected, honestly.  I didn’t know tomato, red bell pepper and green bell pepper came powdered, but I want a shaker of it!  The bag purports to have two flavors, but I think the seasoning powder commingles a lot in the bag—you get some chips that are more taco, some chips that are more nacho, but everything has a little of both.

PS?  The bag comes with a free taco coupon.

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