15 Things a Girl Should Know Before She Turns 18

I saw on Pinterest 15 Things a Girl Should Know Before She Turns 18.

Of course my list is a bit different.  (And much of it applies to boys, but I’ll get to them later.)

1.) “Boys will be boys” is not a thing.  Do not accept any behavior from men as inevitable, therefore acceptable.

2.) If you ever feel unattractive, take a minute to ponder what you think attractive is and why you’re measuring yourself by that standard.  Then go spend your time worrying about something worth worrying about, because you are fucking magnanimous.

3.) Learn to cook.  Learn to cook dishes you love and cook them for yourself.

4.) Consider every experience to be a pool from which you draw your amazingness.

5.) Taxes.  Checkbooks.  Bank accounts.  Just take a minute and ask someone how this shit is done because no one will bother to teach you.

6.) Learn to perform basic maintenance on your car.

7.) Jokes and snark about ugly girls, fatness and tacky clothing are designed to hold you down, to keep you in line, to ensure that you don’t ever worry about anything more important.  Rebel by staying sharp on things that matter and refusing to participate in idle gossip.

8.) Learn to pleasure yourself.  Learn how to make sex enjoyable for yourself.  Which often requires that you:

9.) Communicate openly about sex.

10.) Do not humor anyone who talks trash about themselves.

11.) Excuse yourself from anyone who refuses to recognize you as a capable, intelligent human being.

12.) Reading is not a lowly, leisure-time activity.  Be greedy with your time for reading; savor every moment of it, and refuse to be interrupted.

13.) You will not achieve martyrdom; do not deprive yourself for the sake of others.

14.) Doing “girly stuff” is completely fine if you want to do it for yourself.  But don’t let anyone tell you that it’s something you have to do.

15.) You’re more than good enough.

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