Stuff I Like Lately

See that minty goodness!

1.) Mint Nail Polish (Pictured is a Revlon shade that is mysteriously discontinued, but there are loads of others.  I like the darker but lovely I Need a Refresh Mint from Wet n’ Wild.)  Mint and coral are always darling hues for spring, but I hate investing in a lot of trend pieces for any particular season.  So I invest in nail polish!

Cran-Pop, Drink of Champions.

2.) Meijer Cranberry Soda If you’re a fan of cranberry and pop, I really recommend this!  Off-brand fizzy drinks are always gamble, but I’ve been so happy to find this.  It’s 99 cents for a 2-liter or $3ish for a 12-pack of cans.  It’s caffeine-free, but I can forgive that.  It’s got that delightful dry tartness of cranberry juice.  I realize fizzing up cranberry juice is definitely a better way to go, but I don’t have a fizzulator and Ocean Spray’s carbonated cranberry juice is much more expensive ($4ish for 4 small cans.)

Career-ruiner? Whatever.

3.) Vicks Vapoinhaler This thing consistently gets me through allergy season and illness.  It’s just a white plastic stick with a little concentrated core inside of Vaporub.  You stick it at your nose holes and inhale.  It really opens everything up.  (Interestingly, this photo was taken last Friday.  Same shirt, different hair.  No double-take necessary.)


4.) Cadbury’s Royal Dark Mini Eggs Cadbury’s Mini Eggs have long been an Easter staple for me, but the Royal Dark take it to a whole ‘nother level.  They also happen to be really attractive–pretty, matte jewel tones.

5.) New Showerhead Look, this has been both a game-changer and a DUH.  We suffered with this awful low-flow showerhead that we couldn’t properly clean, so it just slowly put out less and less water.  Rather than bothering with taking it off, cleaning it and putting it back on, we just replaced the darn thing.  And guess what?  We’re all so much happier.  Better showers make happier people, it’s a fact.  Total cost?  $14, and it’s an adjustable hand-held.

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