Calling Bullshit on Pinterest Pins

Pinterest has a lot of posts floating around that are just outright untrue.  I’ll leave most of the Pinbusting to Snopes and Pinstrosity, but here’s five that I think should be mentioned.

1.) Download music “legally” by ripping it from YouTube – This is NOT legal.  In fact, it may be MORE illegal than downloading it some other way.  Will you get busted by the RIAA for doing this?  No.  But it’s just as unethical and illegal as peer-to-peer.

2.) Any Diet Pin, Ever – They’re always completely unhealthy and generally downright ludicrous.  (I really wish Pinterest would shut down their dangerous “health” section.  So many lies!)

3.) Healthy baking substitutes – Let me start out by saying that this Pin isn’t an outright lie.  The problem with it is more in the fact that it makes substituting “healthy” ingredients seem simple.  Recipes are crafted with science in mind.  Some of those substitutes will cause some recipes to fail.  I suggest looking for “healthy” recipes rather than trying to sub stuff.

4.) Spoon over a boiling pot – Nope.  Just look at this pin!  It’s about two seconds from spilling over.  It’s more effective to use a larger pot on a lower temperature and cover the pot.

5.) What you’re REALLY craving – Again, nope.  It’s wrong to assume your body wants one particular thing from a food you’re craving.  It’s true that your body is seeking something in particular, but it’s probably more tied to what your body thinks it gets from the particular food you eat.  Most often, that’s emotional payoff.  The idea is right; eat something healthy rather than junk you’re craving.  However, just as parts of this chart suggest, it’s okay to eat something that’s in the vein of the junk you crave.  Craving sweets?  Try fruit.  Craving fats?  Try cheese or beans.

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