As Far As I Can See

So I went to the optometrist today.

My eye exam this time seemed so much more in-depth and I really feel like I got a lot more insight into what works for my face.  For those of you not familiar with my mug, my face is pretty square and my head it pretty huge for a lady.  My chin is pretty far out there, but I have a really shallow profile and a short nose.  On top of that, I have dark, somewhat heavy eyebrows.  I’ve pretty much decided that I can only wear glasses with a pretty straight rectangular frame–anything that comes in on my cheeks makes my eye-to-cheek area look like it’s got muffin top.  With my dark eyebrows, larger style glasses look a little strange.

In case you’re wondering, yes, I totally do way overthink this stuff.

The tech pointed out to me a lot I didn’t know right off about glasses.  I tended to pick up ones in a similar style to what I’d gotten before, and generally aimed toward something that looked wider.  Since they were floor models, a lot of them were worn out so they felt more comfortable than they should.  He pointed out some styles that would fit me better and more naturally, and sure enough, they did.  What I ended up with was a little out of the ordinary for something I’d ever pick myself, but I think they’ll do great.  He let slip a lens width I should look at.

Armed with this knowledge, I’m going to take on online glasses ordering.  I get a pair of glasses with my insurance, but even then, I ended up owing $150 on them.  That’s… so much less than what people without insurance owe, but more than I wanted to pay.  I’d like to get some prescription sun glasses for super-cheap, since I lose sunnies like normal people lose pens.

Do you guys have any secret spots for online glasses?

My brother and sister-in-law recommended Zenni Optical, and they’ve had great experiences.  Like some sort of back-alley crack peddler, has a coupon for getting your first pair of glasses free (with standard lenses.)

4 responses to “As Far As I Can See”

  1. I just got my first prescription glasses this year and the whole process made me feel like I’d been taken to the cleaners. I walked in thinking I would get a pair of glasses for the cost of an insurance co-pay and walked out with free lenses and $90 worth of frame ( plus additional $40 to make the lenses both scratch-resistant and anti-glare). The “technician” ( and I use the term loosely ) there kept showing me an increasingly expensive array of designer (DESIGNER!) frames. As I sat there clutching the 4th pair of Target sunglasses I’ve bought this year, all I could think was …Is you crazy?!?

    I picked out the cheapest pair and I don’t regret it in the sense that they’re the best glasses I have ( the others are the generic reading glasses I buy at Target ). I do regret it in that I feel like a schmuck because I didn’t research ahead of time. Didn’t know about the glass-frame-scam! Didn’t know I was walking into a “car-dealership” situation!

    So now I’m wondering.. how do you get your prescription from the optometrist? Mine didn’t automatically tell me and now I can see why. If you ask him or her outright, are you damaging the relationship? Basically how can avoid this fuckery next year?

    1. You do have to ask, even though I feel like you shouldn’t have to. Usually, they’ll give you the prescription without your pupillary distance, which you will need–but there are tons of tutorials on the internet for that. I always ask for it at the front counter when I’m paying for the services rather than when I’m with the optometrist herself. If they start to bristle, assure them that you’re happy with their services and don’t plan on switching optometrists. If they start to lecture you, remind them that the Federal Trade Commission says that they have to provide it.

      Here are a couple useful tutes if you don’t know this stuff (I sure as heck didn’t!)
      Frame size:

      1. I have to invoke the FTC? Oh Lord spare me…

      2. USUALLY you won’t have to get grumpy at them.
        USUALLY the staff is happy to accommodate you.
        But. There’s always the possibility that a particular office is just full of weasels.

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