Early Holiday Window Shopping

I do my Christmas shopping as much in advance as possible. In addition to preventing total budget meltdown, it means I get to avoid holiday traffic. And that’s magical.
I also just did ads for Black Friday and I’m working on a holiday gift guide at work, so trust me.  It’s seasonal!

I’m a notorious internet window shopper, so I figured my powers might be used for good by showing you guys some cool stuff I’ve seen about the interbutts lately. Maybe it’ll inspire some gift ideas for you!

Sephora by OPI Perfect Reds Set – $39
I normally don’t advocate owning an array of the same color. But this kit is clever. You’ve got a playful hot tomato red, a deeper cherry, chunky red glitter, metallic red and a deep wine. That’s pretty much a red for any mood. I haven’t seen any reviews on how these particular shades wear, but Sephora by OPI is usually pretty reliable. Plus, a set of red polish is festive without being something you can only bring out once a year.

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Women’s Sueded Moccasins from Old Navy – $19.94
I’ve never been one to wear house shoes, but if I did, I’d want something like these. They come in 7 colors, they’re lined with faux-fur and they have an actual sole instead of just more (faux) suede.

Flower Ball Vase at Uncommon Goods – $38
Vases are a tricky gift. Some people have tons of vases around that never do anything and never earn their keep. Those people resent their vases. But other people welcome vases with open arms, especially ones that are a bit different. The design of this vase forces you to spread out your blossoms, making a round shape instead of a blah clump. And while it makes me uncomfortable to look at it (I have a thing with holes,) even I appreciate the cleverness. It’s a bit small (five by five) so bear that in mind. And of course, the best way to give anyone a vase is filled with flowers.

Where I’ve Been Scratch Map at Fred Flare – $22
For those who do some wild globe-hopping, this map is just too prosh. I’ve seen this sort of map before, where they stick pins in or whatever. But who really has push-pins? Shouldn’t marking off a new locale be FUN? I love this scratchie-style map.

Fireflies in My Room at ThinkGeek – $34.99
For kids or really awesome grown-ups, this unique lighting fixture is a perfect and enchanting little gift. The fireflies on each leaf glow in changing patterns. This would make any room completely dreamy and fun.

Wreck This Box at Amazon – $26.96
This box set of interactive journals includes Wreck This Journal, This Is Not a Book and Mess. The instructions on each page tell you how to completely ruin its pages, thus creating something more wonderful and awesome. I’ve always loved, treasured and treated well my favorite books. When I got Wreck This Journal, I was amazed at how liberating and exciting it was to totally trash its pages. Great for teens, art majors and people who appreciate interactive experiences.

Six-Word Memoirs at AreYouGame – $19.98
Guess the famous person from a six-word description of their life and achievements. I’m a sucker for games that make me feel clever (just try and take me down in MadGab!)

Manly Man Soap Set – $22
I find that the presents the men in my life love the most are the ones that are useful. I also find that the men in my life need some pretty FOR REAL soap. If you’ve never used it, a soap containing activated charcoal will leave you feeling cleaner than you’ve ever felt in your entire life. Also included a lathery “Shavin’ Soap”, a clay “Bentonite” soap and “The Grit”, for dirty hands.

Give to Charity – $?
This is always a gift guide option, regardless of the recipient, regardless of the amount you have to give. It fits any budget, any occasion and any need. My aunt gave money to purchase a heifer for a village one year, and we all got a card explaining that the money was used to help the lives and economy of a whole group of people. It was humbling to know that instead of a trinket, the money was going to help others. Donate in someone’s name to a charity they support or donate to a charity you love in honor of all your gift recipients. This is a great choice if your budget for giving this year is very small, as many are this year. And remember that your gift doesn’t HAVE to go far away. You can give locally or, if your recipient is in need, money may be the best gift you could give.


4 thoughts on “Early Holiday Window Shopping

  1. Speaking of giving, I have a new favorite charity: kiva.org. This is an organization that bankrolls many of the “micro-lending” institutions in the world. You get to pick whose loan you want to contribute to and then when they pay it back… you can donate your investment again! I add a little bit more every time and now I have a nice fat sum to keep “reinvesting”.

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