Mental Closet Organization, and some recommendations

I have a real problem with shopping.

I love to window shop the internet.  I love all the wonderful treasures that the internet shows me and puts just within reach.  I want all the things the internet shows me.  I want them NOW.

I have plenty of stuff right now.  In fact, I have too much stuff.  Stuff has taken over my room, my closet, the hall closet… stuff is everywhere.  I don’t need more stuff.


So, I’m just going to lay out the contents of my wardrobe here, mostly to prevent myself from buying a totally adorable coat or a dress I’ll never wear or a blazer, for whatever reason.

I’ve included example shopping links so that I may shop vicariously through the lot of you.

Coats & Jackets

  • I have a princess-length pea coat (not the same coat here, but a lovely example.  Mine’s black.)  The thing weighs about a million pounds and I only wear it in the dead of winter, but god if it isn’t fucking regal.  So much so, in fact, that I always feel underdressed when I put it on.  Especially if it’s just REALLY cold outside and I just need a really warm coat over my jeans and t-shirt.
  • Motorcycle Jacket (very similar style, mine’s black.)  I finally broke down and got a leather-esque motorcycle jacket, and it’s been my favorite coat since.  I got it at a discount store, and I’m actually still not sure whether it’s leather.  (BAD.)  I seriously believe this exact jacket should be a staple of anyone’s wardrobe.  It’s perfect for pretty much any outfit and feels a tiny bit badass.
  • Wine corduroy jacket (mine is more femininey.)  I don’t wear this as often as I really ought to.  It’s sort of how I imagine my “Professional” style to be.  If I ever dressed in a professional manner.
  • Cardigans.  By the dozen.  I have a great one that’s thicker.  It’s got one cool lace print all over it (very similar, mine’s button-up, no cuffs.)  I wear that one most.  And this black and white cocoon one (mine is thicker by a lot.)  I’ve gotten some of my best knock-around cardis from Wal-Mart and Target.
  • Various hoodies

Pants & Bottoms

  • My jeans are mostly Old Navy and Lane Bryant.  I’m petite and my body is a very particular shape.  I can’t wear the wasp-waisted typical jeans style.  I’m a LB Yellow, if that means anything to you–I have to choose jeans that are fairly straight from waist to hip.
  • I have a couple pants from Torrid.  I wear them basically never.
  • Shorts?  I have a couple. I have the best luck at Old Navy.  Their twill bermudas are awesome.
  • Skirts?  I have way too many and never wear them.


  • T-shirts?  SO MANY T-SHIRTS.  I don’t want any more t-shirts.  Unless…
  • DRESSY t-shirts.  You know, plain t-shirt style tops that you can mix and match with?  Or cool-looking ones?  Or patterned ones?  I live most days in a grey and black striped t-shirt.  Right now, I’m wearing a tunic-length t-shirt with side gathers from LB.
  • Button-ups?  I have some.  I hate them.  Why aren’t shirt buttons positioned ON the boobs, instead of just above and just below?  Every button-up I’ve ever worn has gaped at my boobs.  HAAAATE.
  • Camis and sleeveless?  For layering purposes, I have a handful.  I hate wearing these by themselves in public.  I just don’t like my arms.  Plus, (hate me all you want) I think wearing a cami as a top by itself is kind of gross.  Not in a “you’re a bad person, you look disgusting” way, in a “you have a lot of germs” way.  My opinion here carries over to backless or open-back stuff.
  • Other types of top?  I have a couple tunics, some dressy chiffon-y tops, some random miscellaneous tops.  If you can’t tell, I don’t get excited by shirts.  I really just don’t.  On the other hand…


  • I LOVE DRESSES.  I have a lot of them.  I pick them up online and in random places.  The problem?  I don’t wear them very often.  I always feel the need to wear tights because I always have hair legs, but then I have to put ON the tights.

Shoes & Accessories

  • Holy lord, do I have shoes.  A lot of flats, a few heels that I never wear, a pair of sneakers.  I can never fit into any boot I can afford, ever.  I wear flip flops or a pair of flat velvet Mary Janes every single day.  I suck at shoeing.
  • Jewelry?  A nice collection.  Not that I ever wear any of it…
  • Purses?  I’ve culled the herd recently.  I’m down to three.  But I never carry a purse.
  • Tights?  I have only two pairs, black and brown.  BUT I can’t possibly recommend these enough.  I’m not great at taking care of my hosiery, and these have lasted me two years.  They’re nearly opaque and as comfortable as hose can be.
  • Underwear?  I swear by Cacique.  I think it’s ridiculously pricey, but I’ve had pieces that have lasted me well longer than any underwear should.  This bra is totally wonderful.  It looks like they’ve finally discontinued by favorite bra by them, a really thick demi bra.

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