Plus Size Problems

– The realization that people who participate in the lifestyle you admire aren’t fat—none of them

– The realization that you’ll be the fattest person in the room at an event or gathering you’re about to attend

– The realization that you’ll be looking at necklaces while they’re shopping because that’s all this store carries in your size

– The realization that when they’re talking about “fat people”, they mean women with little bitty bellies and teensy little muffin tops—nevermind what they’d say about you

– The realization that yes, someone did just take time out of their busy day and your’s to yell at you, give you a look of disgust or offer you “advice”

– The realization that someone out there is just waiting for you to complain about #plussizeproblems so they can ruin your day

– The realization everyone thinks you need to just work a little harder to look exactly like them

– The realization that you CAN’T look exactly like them, because even if you did lose the weight, you’d have miles of excess skin hanging off of you

– The realization that every time they talk bad about their bodies, it makes your insides twist into knots and leaves you in a funk for the whole day because you catch them looking sideways at you, every time, and you know they just had a thought that you’re glad you didn’t hear

– The realization that every last ounce of self-doubt stems from other people and and all the little ghosties of mean shit other people have said; that if left in a vacuum, you’d have a pretty high opinion of yourself because you know you’re fucking awesome and you love your body and all the amazing shit it can do

– The realization that you haven’t been proud of your reflection in months because every smile is followed with the realization that everyone you work with and most people you see on the street will still think it’s frumpy, fat and careless

– The realization that all of this would go away if people could appreciate a body type outside of the ideal, if people could stop assuming things about what excess body fat means, if people could love themselves and those around them without question

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