Holly Holiday: Transitional Halloween at Work

I freakin’ love holidays.  Just ask mah Pinterest.

I really want to decorate my office a bit for the upcoming holidays.  I tend to focus on what I call transitional decor–stuff that can last from Halloween to Christmas without looking too out of place, or stuff that can easily be converted with just a quick bit of DIY.

Of course, I’ll throw in a few impracticalities.

To see what I’m pinning and planning, follow the jump!


Spidas!  Cheap and easy. 
I could see doing this on my office door, or on window ledges.  I know some people are freaked out by spiders, so I’ll try to do this less out in the open.



Papier-Mache Pumpkins

These are also on the cheap and easy.  I can also opt to not have a face on the backside, so they work through November.



Pinecones on bare branches

This could work for October and November, maybe with leaf additions.
This would also be cool for Christmas, maybe with epsom salt “ice”.



Little Cardboard Houses

This is obviously not a Halloween idea at all.  However, I’m working on this now.  I’m painting the cardboard to look like generic houses, then adding little touches for fall.  Later, I’ll repaint for Christmas.



Filled glass containers

Another one of my ideas that will take a little reworking.  Maybe candy corn for Halloween, nuts for Thanksgiving and greenery for Christmas?


You got any clever Halloween decor plans?


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