I don’t like a LOT of foods.

I don’t know why I’m a picky eater.  I just am.  And it makes cooking flipping complicated.  I dislike so many things, almost every recipe I come across has something in it I refuse to eat.  Let’s take a look, shall we?

Anise/Licorice – always
Apricot – always
Artichoke – I’ve only had it in dip, but it just seems all wrong.
Arugula – always
Asian Pears/Pearapples – Always blech
Avocado – always
Beans – always
Beet – always
Bleu Cheese – I can tolerate it as dressing, kinda
Blueberry – only acceptable baked
Broccoli – raw, boiled without drowning in sauce
Brussels sprouts – I haven’t actually tried these, but I just know.
Cabbage – Like sauerkraut
Cantaloupe – always
Caper – always
Cauliflower – always
Celery – always
Coconut – always
Cool Whip – note: not whipped cream
Cucumber – always (dill pickles are great, of course)
Goat Cheese -always
Greens – unless very particularly cooked
Feta Cheese – always and is this different than goat cheese hellifiknow
Honeydew – always
Kale – always
Mango – only like in mango salsa
Marshmallow – always
Mint – just really unpleasant
Mushroom – almost always
Nuts – in things
Olive – always
Okra – I will eat it fried and in gumbo, but why do people even eat this?
Organ meat – always
Pomegranate – always
Pumpkin – as a food by itself–I obviously lurve pumpkin puree made into MAGIC.
Radish – always
Raisin – almost always
Snow peas – always
Spinach – sometimes okay barely wilted
Squash – almost always
Tofu – almost always
Tomato – only acceptable in fresh sauce, soup, salsa, ketchup
Watercress – always
Zucchini – I only like it fried or made into bread.  Do people eat this raw?  I don’t know.


But Dootsie, you say.  That list isn’t prohibitive!  There are foods out there!

Well.  That’s not to mention all the foods that I’ve never tried and am terrified of.  That’s… a whole thing.


3 responses to “Food”

  1. I know it must be horribly inconvenient for you, but that list is hilariously expansive.

    “But Dootsie, you say. That list isn’t prohibitive! There are foods out there!”

    I would seriously struggle to name more than a few..

    1. It’s honestly too true. Haha thanks for reading!

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