The Blue Eyeshadow Question

For most people, blue eyeshadow is an instant “HELLLLLL NO”.  It conjures up too many images of hairbands or hookers in the days of disco.  It’s been done too wrong for too long for most people to even apply it casually.

Well, I argue that blue eyeshadow isn’t an instant beauty sin, but I do agree that it needs to be applied with a light hand.

My first suggestion with blue eyeshadow is to apply it only to the lid, then to cover the crease and above-the-crease with neutral, skin-toned shadow, just to keep it put.  For today, I applied primer potion to my lid and covered the whole lid with a bright, cyanish blue.  Then, I swept a close-to-skin shadow all around the blue to make sure it stays put.  Failing this step results in a weird green cast as it starts to bleed out.  Then, I took a deep navy to wing out the upper and lower corners.

Since taking a picture with my webcam resulted in hilarious results, how’s about a Photoshop?


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