MyGlam July 2012 Extended Cut

Let’s revisit that MyGlam post, shall we?

I hadn’t gotten to try out a couple products when I reviewed, so Imma tackle them now.

First, the conditioner.  I mentioned that it smelled nice.  When I got it out in the shower, I have to say, “nice smell” went to “OH MY GOD I LOVE.”  It’s vaguely hippie meets autumn.  Not quite sandalwood, but sort of spicy like that.  I kind of want this as a perfume.

As for the actual, indended purpose of the product?  The very tippy ends of my hair are pretty dry, but the rest of my hair is average.  I get a lot of flyaways even when I’ve trimmed and my normal hair texture is sort of wavy bordering on slightly curly at the ends when it air dries.  I brushed it straight and let it air dry.  The bottom half of my hair went NUTS with curls after this stuff.  I really loved the effect, and hated to brush it out again this morning.  My hair feels slightly slicker, but I’m about average on flyaways and overall fluffiness.

On to the nail polish!  I stripped my nails down and did them all with Reverso, one coat.  When I was a wee tot, I tried painting my nails with white out.  This is sort of what I’d been hoping for all along.  It feels sort of chalky and matte, but has a faint shine.  The polish itself is nice and thick.  It’s a bit streaky, so I think two coats is ideal.  I had a hard time getting the tips of my nails painted, due in part to the thickness of this polish.  Still, it’s a totally lovely white, what I’d almost describe as neon white.  SO WHITE.  Like, Ross’s teeth white.

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