Myglam Bag Review: July 2012

This month’s bag was themed for beach beauty.  It had a couple items that everyone got, then some this or that options.  I think that’s actually sort of fun because even when I totally ruin the surprise of what’s in the bag, I still get something of a surprise.  I love a good spoiler, but I also like getting a little bit of a treat in the end.  I was sort of hoping for the green apple SPF moisturizer, but oh well.

This bag came today.  The bag was cute.  It came with a couple coupon codes, too; 50% off at NuMe and a special offer on one of their products.  If you want either of them, first to ask gets ’em.


Random weirdness in this bag?  The postcard advert for Andrea’s Choice nailpolish was a sticker.  ERMAGERD. I AM TOTALLY STICKING THIS TO MY TRAPPER KEEPER GUISE.

In my bag:

Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Oil-Free Lotion – This came in a small blue bottle with a label that looked sort of generic.  I’m a huge proponent of a company doing their best packaging for their samples.  Kiehl’s clearly has other priorities.  Unfortunately, those priorities seem to have little to do with making an interesting product.  I (with some difficulty) squeezed out some of this lotion–it was thin and opaquey white.  While it’s not at all oily, it wasn’t much of anything for me.  I put it on and didn’t feel much of anything.  Doesn’t really smell nice (theoretically fragrance free.)  The list of ingredients was surprisingly long.

Nume HydroPunch Hydrating Conditioner – I don’t have a lot to say about this because I haven’t used it yet.  But it smelled nice.  I got a small squeeze tube of this.  Smells like tea tree oil.

Yes to Cucumbers on-the-go Facial Towelettes – These have a nice smell of cucumber, but also the usual baby wipe smell.  These have the same soapy feel that most facial towelettes seem to leave behind, but it’s a product I’d buy for the right price.

Josie Maran Magic Marker Lip and Cheek Stain – First of all, YAY FINALLY A COLOR I LIKE.  But second… cheek stain?  Not this color.  I marked it on my hand and tried to smudge it and I just don’t see using this on a wide expanse of skin.  I put it on my lips and it stays pretty well, but it doesn’t taste nice.  That’s something the Covergirl markers have on everyone.  It feels a little sticky while wearing.  Considering the Covergirl markers are about half the price, I’d stick with those unless the fragrance free/vegan/natural ingredients/recyclable is worth the cost.

Circus by Andrea’s Choice – I got this nail polish in Reverso, a pretty basic white.  It went on nice and thick and didn’t have too harsh of a smell.  But can we talk about the bottles?  They were notably heavy to me.  There’s just too much glass.


Did I get my value?  I love the bag (it’s pink mesh with multicolor solid stripes) and the nailpolish is actually one I’ve been needing.  The lipstain is nice and my boyfriend said it looks nice on me (WINNING–seriously, you don’t know how happy I am to finally get a lip color from myglam that isn’t too much.)  I wouldn’t miss the conditioner, but I’ll use it.  The lotion I don’t care for at all, but hey.  It’s lotion.  So for $10, I’m satisfied.

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