MyGlam: June

My June MyGlam bag came on the 12th.  Last month’s arrived on the 16th, so I was much more pleased with the delivery of this one.

As soon as I opened the bag, I caught a whiff of something fishy.  Another well-crafted MyGlam good, clearly.  It was the bag.  I assume the glue holding on the glitter was the stink offender.  Unfortunately, my bag was also perma-creased from getting smushed down in the envelope.

First in the bag was NYX round lipstick in Eucalyptus.  Pretty true to the plant’s pink blooms, and too overwhelming for my face, but more wearable than the colour I got last month.  The texture of the lipstick is a bit loose.  It’s sheer.  Since it’s so bold, I like to dab it on and use it as a lipstain, which it does pretty well.  In a different colour, I think I’d be pretty fond of this brand.  $4/tube  Would purchase.

Next up was a trial tube of Philosophy’s take a deep breath gel moisturizer.  I’m not sure what “gel moisturizer” is supposed to mean, given than it’s just slightly more glossy-looking than regular moisturizer.  I used it on my very try (for some reason) hands and patted a bit on my nose.  It felt nice and not greasy at all.  Halfway through the day, though, I’m needing another hit.  $34/2 oz. Likely would not purchase due to price, but I recommend the product.

An adorable little chubby bottle of Living Proof (no) frizz styling cream was in there.  The instructions for this are pretty vague–just to use a generous amount and work through hair from root to tip.   The amount is very relative and I was hesitant to use a lot; many products leave hair looking pretty greasy if you use an ample amount.  I worked it into my wet hair, and I am noticing many fewer flyaways at the top of my head.  The ends of my hair, though?

Still as big and crunchy-sounding as ever.  I totally need to get it trimmed, and this product didn’t do much to alleviate the symptoms.  It’s part of a whole system of hair stuff.  And I’ve heard good things.  $46/2oz+2oz+3.4oz Would not buy due to price, not sure about recommending based on styling cream alone.

Finally, the Marbella waterproof eyeliner pen.  Holy snot.  I used this to draw a line on my hand for testing.  I could make a gorgeous and superfine line, and the black was rich and true.  I let it dry, then wet my finger and tried to make a smear through the line.  There was a very tiny bit of smudging.  I wore it through a shower.  I washed my hands.  It SLOWLY faded over the course of two days.  $19/pen Would recommend!


The verdict?

I feel like the myglam team has listened to everyone’s concerns about the size and quality of the samples.  I know these subscription services have up and down months, but I hope this month isn’t just a bandaid for quality complaints.  For $10 a month, the value is there, but I’m wondering if I’d be happier if I just went out and spent $10 a month on something else that I’d be guaranteed to love.

I don’t know if I said this in my previous post, but myglam as it is now is NOT for makeup hoarders and gurus.  If you’ve already got the most expansive makeup collection on the block, skip subscription services entirely.  A lot of reviews focus on how common some of the items are (like primers,) but I just feel like that’s missing the idea of a sample trial.

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