Instances of Perculiarity

– My phobias: clowns, things that are pitted, butter, the sound of a cotton ball being torn apart, and having things like balloons or canned biscuits pop in my hands.
– I’m an incredibly emotional person. I am queen of the mood swing, but in recent years, I’ve gotten infinitely better at hiding it.  That’s not to say that I’m actually good at hiding it yet.
– I’m bad at all sports, ever. And I can’t ride a bike. My balance is bad and my reaction time is worse. Plus…
– I have really poor depth perception.
– I am unintentionally cold toward people I find attractive. I clam up really badly around them, and I suck at having conversation.
– My sense of social boundary is broken. Every last line that is drawn is something that I’ve made up and is totally baseless.
– Holidays are one of few things I get truly excited about. They’re also one of many things I am consistently disappointed by..
– I’m only half-serious when I mock people. I sound all-serious.
– There is a birthmark on one of my feet (though it’s faded), and my coolest scars are a gouge somewhere in my hair where a light fixture covering fell on my head and lodged itself vertically and a little cut on my chin where I tried to go rollerskating in my mom’s skates when I was 3.
– If I ever sat you down and told you the whole story of me, it would make a lot more sense. Unfortunately, you would also look at me with that look, and I could never talk to you again. Suffice to say that it’s truly awful, and I hate people who can’t grasp the notion of “awful”.
– I’m passive-aggressive to the nth. I hate confrontation and I just falter. So I make thinly veiled jabs everywhere I go because I want people to think they figured it out for themselves without having to get into a knock-down, drag-out fight.
– I can see the good in the world. It’s just so much better for conversation to see the bad.

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