A History

We were talking about the little digital breadcrumbs we leave across the internet, and I realized just how many places I’ve sprinkled little pieces of myself only to abandon them for greener pastures.  I began my life on the internet with a queer little WYSIWYG website builder in the middle of nowhere, blogging my thoughts and pasting up Sailor Moon animated gifs and maintained a separate site at Angelfire.  At some point, I began blogging with Livejournal.  I discovered free web hosting with Brinkster, and I built simple pages for it, frames and the ilk.  I developed my Brinkster site and LivejournalS (a “poetry” journal that’s just shamefully bad and a couple secret accounts to blog about really specific moments in my life.)  I made a DeviantArt account with the intention to put up some of my Kisekae and actual art, but just uploaded some crap.  I signed up for Myspace and did a bit of blogging there, as well as over at Blogspot with the intention to blog more openly and honestly—I did not.  I created a WordPress account but never really made the move.  Facebook has a tiny bit of microblogging, as well as Twitter.  I created Tumblr more out of curiosity than anything.  Nevermind Neopets, PoupeeGirl and a trillion other silly little foxholes of the web that I’ve participated in to sate my bored mind.

And everywhere, all the digital holes in the wall, store up tiny digital portraits of myself.  Some reflection of the person I was when I played there, some microscopic version of who I have been.

No wonder I feel so fragmented.  Dozens of internet identities and barely a stab at one in real life.

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