I’ve started to become more aware of my own jealousy and its triggers. It’s part of an overall self-improvement project to just be more mindful of the things that make me less than stellar.  Getting the pet name “The Grumple” has made me face the fact that I’m not as much fun to be around … More Jealousy

Baby Crazy

It hits me sometimes.  In those quiet moments when it’s just me and my womb, when I’m watching a very special episode of the latest TV show to jump the shark, when I see the perfect little tot acting perfectly perfect… I want a baby. I don’t particularly like children.  I find them more than … More Baby Crazy

A Breakup

This is something I’ve needed to write for a very long time. I think it was the house. When you see things in hindsight, you can always see things more for what they are than when you were in the thick of it.  And I see so, so clearly that the house was a giant, … More A Breakup

What I Want

A friend’s Facebook post spurred me to consider what it is in life that a WANT.  Aside from summer nights filled with fireflies and the occasional ice cream sandwich, what is it that I want from my life? I want to have a home where friends can pop over any time.  I want to live … More What I Want