Demeter, Take 2

In my previous post about Demeter Fragrance Library, I was largely conflicted about my prior picks, but mentioned that I was eyeballing some others.

In the year plus since that post, I’ve purchased a few of the large 4oz. bottles from discount perfume sites, and I have more thoughts!

Pumpkin Pie – Pumpkin, sugar, cinnamon, a touch of ginger and hint of cloves – and there it is, the perfect Pumpkin Pie, as only Demeter can deliver it.
Catch me wearing this starting September 1 until the last turkey decoration is taken down in November. This scent is a glorious pumpkin pie. Yes, it has pumpkin pie spice scents, but it also very clearly has pumpkin, which makes all the difference. It’s warm and spicy–which is somehow a surprise to many of its reviewers? I don’t get much of a scent of pie crust, so if you’re looking for that, I’m sorry. But otherwise? I think it’s autumny perfection!

Cherry Cream – Cherry Cream bursts with fresh cherry fruit, perfectly balanced with smooth, creamy Vanilla
My boss often spritzes herself with Tom Ford Lost Cherry, and it always reminds me that I just adore cherry as a fragrance note. I hemmed and hawed about which of Demeter’s cherry scents to try, and… I think I picked the wrong one. This is cloyingly sweet. I didn’t expect Lost Cherry by any means from the notes, but I was thinking more along the lines of a nice cherry milkshake. Instead, it’s a fake cherry note surrounded by a ton of sugar. Sound like I’m just blasting this scent? Actually, I spritz myself with it occasionally. It’s very youthful and playful. It reminds me of a scratch and sniff sticker.

Brownie – Based on memories of special afternoon when we came home to grandma baking in the kitchen, Demeter’s Brownie is rich, deep and of course, chocolaty.
I have a weird, incredibly specific beef with this perfume: it’s got the wrong name. If this were called Brownie Batter, I’d say this perfume deserves all the awards. It smells so convincingly of wet Betty Crocker brownie batter, with that odd, raw flour note you get standing over the mixing bowl. I keep this in my car as an air freshener, which I know I shouldn’t do, but sue me.

Honey – Sugary dripping nectar, the result of the love affair between blossoms and bees – but don’t mistake this for a sweet fragrance.
If you look at the reviews for this one, you’ll notice that a lot of people don’t like it. I think it’s actually incredibly realistic, with that odd funk honey has. It’s a little powdery and there’s a sneaking floral note in the background, but mostly? It just smells like honey. Which isn’t really sweet-smelling. Everyone who has spritzed themselves with this has gotten that warning from me, and with that in mind, they found they loved this scent too. But they all commented that they expected it to be sweeter from the name. I’ve tried a lot of honey indie perfumes and they’ve all either gone far too dry and powdery, far too floral or far too sweet. This really lands in the realistic zone for me.

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