Rocksbox is $19/mo for a Netflix-ish jewelry subscription. They send you three pieces of jewelry and you can return them and swap out as much as you want. You make a “wish list” of jewelry items you love, and one of the pieces they pick to send you will be from that list. You also earn $10 a month to spend on future purchases. With the average “member price” of my pieces around $80, it wouldn’t take long until you earn a free or very discounted piece of jewelry to keep!

Curation is a part of this subscription, and possibly one of my favorite aspects. Based on your wishlist and a quiz of your preferences, someone at Rocksbox hand-selects the three pieces you’ll get. It comes along with a card about why the pieces were selected. You can then provide feedback about the selections for your next Rocksbox.

Everything comes in a shipper, and inside that, a hinged box tied with a ribbon. It feels very luxurious. Every piece of jewelry comes in its own drawstring bag, and sealed inside a plastic baggie. No tangles, and no damage. Postage is paid both ways, but unfortunately, you have to return everything you’re not buying at once to trigger the next shipment. I’d love to be able to hang onto a piece for a while. I’d also like it if I could trigger the next shipment myself rather than waiting for them to receive the jewelry. That’s probably because of the high value of the items, but it bums me out, man.

One thing I really love is that their style quiz asks your ring size. I recall their options went above a 10 (!!) and they only show you rings available in your size. I wear a 9, so this is a huge help to me! They only have about 7 styles available in my size right now, but that’s completely fine! It’s above and beyond what I expected.

My three pieces:


I selected the House of Harlow necklace and it’s everything I hoped for. On me, it hangs to my midsection and has a nice weight to it. The other two pieces felt a bit off from what my wish list would hint that I like (I had no short necklaces in my list, nor hoop earrings) but I get why they were chosen. The hoops are very summery and would make a great boho look with the House of Harlow necklace. The bar necklace was lovely and will be perfect for a couple of weddings I’m going to this week, but on my rather thick neck, it’s a bit short. In my feedback, I said that I have a thick neck. I also mentioned that if they have expanders, I’d love to have one with any future short necklaces they send. We’ll see what they say!

I followed a referral link to get a free month of the service (want in on that action? Enter code AMANDABFF192) I’m not sure if I’ll continue after that runs out, but I really enjoy this subscription and recommend it to any jewelry hounds who are always trying to spiff up their wardrobe. I could also see it coming in handy in the summer months for wedding guests, or around the winter holidays for all the parties!

2 responses to “Rocksbox!”

  1. Finally! A subscription box I’m not interested in! LOL.

    1. I certainly wouldn’t have tried it without a month for free, and I don’t think I’ll keep it because my typical budget for jewelry is more like $19 a year… so….

      I blew my budget out of the water this year: I’ve spent $220 on jewels. I feel like a queen.

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