Fortune Cookie Soap Box : Summer 2016

IMG_1327When I found out the theme for this month’s Fortune Cookie Soap Box was “Just Keep Swimming”, I was like OF COURSE IT IS! Finding Dory is coming out this summer, so it’s a perfect theme for summer and so on the FCS brand!

Fortune Cookie Soap Company is an adorable indie soap brand that does a quarterly box. For $19.99 every three months, they send a gaggle of sample-size products from a theme of an upcoming product launch. You also get a $10 discount code to use on their bath and body products.

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The theme, packaging and overall – Like I said, this theme was a big YUH-DOY. So perfect for them and perfectly timed. As a fun freebie, they included a little orange marble. The paper grass was purple, which I guess is a pretty contrast to the mostly blue packaging. Overall? Loved this box! I always love the FCS box, but this one was a knockout for me! I’m already amped for their fall box!

Shark Bait Fortune Cookie Soap – This is totally adorable, and made to look like a Nemo. I catch a whiff of creamsicle, but it’s more vibrant and slightly warm. Very lovely summer soap with a lick of sticky popsicle. My fortune was “To the top of Mount Wanna-Hock-A-Loogie!”

Intervention! Whipped Cream – This smells gently like a piña colada. Rubbing it in, it gets warmer and more fruity, but it’s IMG_1328still not super strong. I really like that in a lotion!

Lil’ Blue OCD Sanitizer – This smells slightly sweet and warm, but it’s more faint that other OCD sanitizers I’ve gotten. I actually very much approve, as my past ones have been kind of distractingly strong for office use.

Fin. Noggin. Duuuuude. Pedi-Bomb – This is a treat! It’s like a sharp lime pop with something warm and creamy backing it up. My little turtle came broken, but he’s still super cute. I always find that these smell a little too strongly and sharply before use, probably because of the baking soda in the bomb.

Jellyman Shower Gel – This smelled exactly how I expected from the name, and in spite of the awful algae brown colour! I catch cherry, watermelon and guava for sure, maybe some lime and strawberry. It’s a bit sharp, but not too sweet. Until I got in the bathroom, I missed that this has a really lovely pearlescent sheen, like an oyster shell. The squishy gel didn’t give up much lather for me, but I feel like my skin is a bit softer after use!

Aqua Scum Spray Lotion – I definitely catch lychee and peach, but it’s not at all sweet. It’s very warm. It’s a bit moisturizing, but the texture is the real winner for me. A lotion that sprays on as a mist? Great! It rubs right in with almost no moisture left behind on the surface–no oiliness to speak of. I also really liked that the bottle was green, but the liquid inside makes the colour kind of a deep blue green. Not sure if that was intentional, but it’s a really cool effect.

Whale Talk Perfume Oil – This smells wonderfully fruity with a hint of jasmine and green freshness. I really like this, and that’s saying a lot, as someone who tends to not like perfumes.

IMG_1331Ooh, Barracuda Lip Gloss – This definitely smells like melon candy, very sweet and pretty aggressive. It’s a bit sweet to the taste. Overall, it’s very runny and a bit gloopy for my taste. It gives my lips only the tiniest bit of pink tint.


Did you get this box? Lemmie know your thoughts!

2 responses to “Fortune Cookie Soap Box : Summer 2016”

  1. No, I didn’t get this box but boy I wish I had! All of it sounds good but particularly the spray lotion. I’ve used spray oils in the past and they work really well to cover large surfaces areas ( like your legs and arms ).

    1. I like sprays of all kinds for warmer weather. The last thing I want to do in summertime is slather my body down with some fussy, thick lotion.

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