Ipsy January 2015 Review

Another month, another bag from Ipsy! (Referral link)

photo-(25)The Overall: Zzz.  I was mostly disappointed that this bag felt like a lot of repeats.  For someone who was a new or more recent subscriber, these items are probably fine.  For me, though, I couldn’t be more bored.  Will I cancel?  Only time will tell.  The bag itself is cute–white on one side, blue on the other, with a bright pink top zipper.

Probelle Into the Blue Nail Lacquer (full size $6) – This was, hands down (har har), my favourite item in the bag.  Not that it had stiff competition, but it’s a lovely shade and I like creme formula nail polishes. Two coats wasn’t quite perfect coverage, though, and that’s a bummer.  For the price, I’d still call it a buy.

Bella Pierre Shimmer Powder in Celebration (full size $14.99) – Loose eyeshadow in coppery gold.  I feel like I’ve received this exact product, but actually it was a different brand in an identical container.  Ha!  This shade is FINE, I just want Ipsy to get weird with their colour choices and they refuse to do it.

Pacifica Natural Mineral Coconut Eye Shadow in Ethereal? (they don’t offer eyeshadow singles, but this sample is what I’d call full size) – Zzz. Giving this away.

Elizabeth Mott All Over Shadow Brush (full size $9.99) – I’d mind this less if Ipsy hadn’t manufactured their own brushes with pink handles to send to subscribers. The brush is super soft, but I don’t need another. Giving it away.

La Fresh Eco-Beauty Good Day. Day Moisturizer (sample packet) – Does this remind anybody of those weird squeeze packets of applesauce? Anyway, this was weird to include in the bag in JANUARY. Mine was nearly frozen and it had only been in the box for half an hour. This stuff is fine–it smells a little weird to me, but it’s not greasy and it doesn’t break me out. Unfortunately, I’m not going to shell out $40 (for 1.7 oz!!) on any moisturizer until I’m made of saggy old lady leather tissue paper.  I’m glad this sample packet had a cap, and at 0.5oz, I guess this is supposed to be worth $12? Haha

2 responses to “Ipsy January 2015 Review”

  1. Holy shit did I even get this?? I have no memory of this! LOL.

    1. Wasn’t very memorable for me, either. BA-DUM-TSSSH.

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