MyGlam/Ipsy September 2012 Review

So let’s start here.
I got by bag on September 22nd. That’s NOT mid-month. It shipped on the 17th. That’s closer to mid-month, but still wrong. While I will grant that I’ve been having zero love for the postal service lately (the second package was misdelivered out of Cincinatti, I guess.)

The bags were shipped late because MyGlam relaunched itself as “ipsy“.
A brand, not even a year old, renamed itself. That’s never good.
The rename came with the launch of a big online community… thing. It’s for uploading makeup looks. Okay. But renaming yourself? Something so wildly different? I dunno.

Bag: Black, gold zipper, long handle. The bag is seriously the best thing I got this month. It’s really nice and seems sturdy.

SOHO Smudge Brush: Fluffy brush, really long handle, feels substantial. It works beautifully. I’ve been smoking out my eyes since I got it. I didn’t have a smudge brush, so this was a nice get. The bristles are nylon, but they almost feel like real hair. This is $5.97 at

Jane Sparkle Lip Gloss: I got this is a pretty bright watermelon shade. It’s a pretty wearable colour. It’s sticky and I don’t really like it at all. These are only sold in sets of three for $9.99.

Andrea’s Choice Nail Polish in Tightrope: This is a bright fuschia/purple neon. I actually bought this shade from Sinful Colors, and I’m much happier with the Andrea’s Choice polish (by about a million.)

Carol’s Daughter Monoi Repairing Split End Sealer: First of all, lets get this out of the way–“split end sealer” is a lie. This is a big ol’ glob of oil and silicone. And I just want you to know, dear readers, that I’m only trying this for you. It smells like a sunscreen I used once, mixed with some sort of herbal smell. It’s strange. It feels nice in the hair and would work as an overall smoother. And my ends do feel smoother–for now.

Mirabella Eye Color in Semiformal: This colour is a little strange. It looks bronzey in the package, but it’s sort of a pinkish goldy brown on. It’s not for me. The colour payoff wasn’t exceptional (which I’m glad.) It’s shimmery. This shade would be nicely suited to a warmer skin tone than mine. Also, I know they only do pans without a hard casing, but it kinda sucks to have one pan like this, just floating around. I’ll find a way to store it, but I’ve avoided purchasing loose pans for a reason.

Anyone else get a Myglam Ipsy bag this month?

4 responses to “MyGlam/Ipsy September 2012 Review”

  1. No! I have to wait for next month.

    Yeah I noticed the name change. I got the email about a day after I signed up for service and my first thought was “Great. It’s gonna go under before I even get my first bag.”

    That Mirabella color looks amazing on! I love pinky-goldy-brown on my lids! But I am on an eyeshadow diet so I am NOT going to buy this… so help me Jebus.

    I’m surprised it didn’t look good on you since it seems like we have the same coloring ( except you’re probably darker! — I am dead white, one shade up from albino.)

    The description implied there were cases available but I couldn’t find any. I’m surprised you don’t like buying pans. I prefer pans because then I can put them in palettes.

    1. I suffer from being really, really clumsy and really, really, really messy. I had a magnetic palette once that resulted in a purple spot in my carpet. XD
      I also really don’t buy a lot of eyeshadow from one brand. I tend to go super cheap with basic colours then splurge on unusual shades randomly.
      Someone did a swatch of the Mirabella shadow on some pretty fair skin. This is over a primer: I feel like it didn’t quite look like this on me.

      You can get pans and palettes over at Mirabella’s site for 30% off with code ipsy. Shhh! 🙂

      1. Hmmm.. I’m not loving it. Somehow the words “pinky-goldy-brown” sound better than real life.

        If you’re interested in de-potting your single eyeshadows ( regardless of manufacturer ) and putting them into a palette there are several excellent YouTube videos. Here’s a good one that goes through several popular brands:

        The basic gist is that your heat the underside of your pot to melt or loosen the glue and stick a strip of magnet on the bottom. I haven’t done this (yet) but I’m fascinated because I travel frequently for work and small palettes really de-clutter my makeup bag.

      2. Seems easy enough! Thanks!
        I guess that’s another point, too… I don’t carry a purse, and thus I don’t carry makeup. Haha If I did, though, a Frankenstein eyeshadow palette would be amazing.
        I have four shades of Urban Decay that would be an awesome palette, actually.

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