MyGlam: August 2012

Another month, another Glam Bag.  The August theme was Endless Summer, which the GlamTeam took to mean “don’t ever look old”.  Fair enough, MyGlam.

The bag was neon orange mesh with a neon pink zipper.  I was raised to react with horror to that color combination.  But it’s a nice little bag.  I’m starting to feel like a lot of other Glammies: these will be great at Christmas.

Let’s go with my order of excitement for this bag:

Demeter Fragrance Roll on Perfume Oil in Clean Skin – Finding out Demeter was going to be in MyGlam was amazing for me.  SO EXCITE.  I was hoping to get the other fragrance–dragonfruit–but this is lovely and admittedly probably more wearable for me.  It smells like a clean baby to me.  Light hint of baby powder, a little skin muskiness, a whiff of a lullaby.  The site describes it as “Clean Skin is a blend of orange, lemon, white rose, bergamot peach and vanilla, making the perfect shower-fresh scent.”  But I don’t pick up on that so much… maybe a hint of the bergamot and vanilla.  With MyGlam,  I get a 20% off discount at Demeter, and I’ll cash that in.  If you’re not familiar with Demeter, you’re missing out.  The roller perfume isn’t really a sample size, but it’s definitely not their full size product.  This size is $10 in itself.

Circus by Andrea’s Choice in Ringmaster – I hope this isn’t what wrecked my nails last time.  The color is great.  It’s a bright neon pink, deep and IN YO FACE.  The polish is a bit thin, which is disappointing because the white was thick and took two coats for glory.  Two coats of this and I can still see the white of my nails.  Still, it’s a nice polish with a smooth matte finish.  And it doesn’t flake off.  Full size product.

Eclos Cellular Activator System & Moisture Therapy Regenerative Cream – I’m always so skeptical about these products.  Plant stem cells are going to get rid of my fine lines?  Fat chance.  Still, this stuff smells nice–spicy, vaguely hippie–and a little goes a long way.  I’ve been using it in the morning to see if I notice any difference.  I won’t hold my breath.  Sample size on both products.

– MyGlam Lipgloss – This was a “bonus” item, as a thank you for our support or whatever.  I was excited to see they’d developed their own lipgloss, and I popped it on without reading the box.  It smells faintly of watermelon, but tastes oily.  It’s a little sticky, like every lipgloss ever.  In the bottle, it’s very pink, but that color doesn’t translate.  But then I read the box.  Whomp whomp.  Parabens, mineral oil and nothing that would indicate what was causing the smell.  Full sized.

SALTY Cosmetics Eye dust in Glama-ZOID – Meh.  I put this on and I’m totally meh about it.  The color appears to be white, but it’s got a bit of shimmer.  On, it goes on faintly pinkish plum.  I applied two layers without primer and it’s pretty minimal still.  On me, it looks more purple, though the site said it would look more pink.  Whatever.  It was clumpy in the container and tricky to even apply.  A lot of fallout.  They charge $4 for this gram sample size.  NOPE.

The verdict?

Good value this month.  It’s not MyGlam’s fault I’m a hater; I definitely see how someone else would’ve been over the moon with this bag.  I’ve been meaning to invest in a morning skincare routine, anyway, so cool.  I’ve been moaning about how I can’t wear perfume for sneezing everywhere, and the combination of Clean Skin and Eclos and the Nume conditioner from last month is a wonderful substitute.  I smell a little hippie, though.

3 responses to “MyGlam: August 2012”

  1. Ok I’m sold — I’m going to sign up for MyGlam! At this point I just hope they let me.

    See, I have a love-hate relationship with these beauty box things. The first one I heard of was birchbox. I went to their website and damned if I didn’t have to wait to be invited! Well ok, I thought, I had to do that with ravelry and that turned out all right. So I signed up. Then I heard about glossybox but it turned out they weren’t ready to go global yet either so I signed up for an invite there too…. and waited … and waited… basically I’m still waiting. Bitches never got back to me!

    So, in what I can only assume was some kind of post-traumatic consumer stress disorder, I signed up for a similar service called Eco Emi. It’s the “eco” version of beauty boxes. It’s organic cosmetics and products that frankly don’t work or taste very well. I can’t begin to describe how bad a fit it was for me. Let’s just say there are 2 kinds of people in the world: those that like Tom’s of Maine toothpaste and those that would rather witness the world sink into a vast pit of chemical sludge than to put that shit into their mouths even. One. More. Time.

    I’ll let you guess which side I stand on.

    But it was so exciting to get a box of surprises every month! I hung on a long time, especially since I would take my rejects and bring them into the office every quarter for other people to pick over. ( ‘Well I don’t really care for fart-scented lipstick that goes on spotty like you literally smeared a crushed berry over your lips… but you go right ahead!”) It also didn’t hurt that I have a 10 year niece who is very excitable and ZOMG IT’S SO CUTE.

    In the end though, like you pointed out, I kept asking myself “Why am I paying $15 a month for samples of Tom’s Natural Toothpaste when I already have all the cat litter I can chew for free? Why don’t I save that money and go to Ulta LIKE I WANT TO?” But after your reading your reviews… I wanna try again! Except this time with something a little less crunchy, something a little more Urban Decay-ey.

    I’m in!

    1. MyGlam actually JUST started a no-wait list policy. I think it’s too late to get the September bag, but they have open sign ups for October. They’re also starting to implement color and product choices based on your preferences. I’m not sure if that will roll out in October or not, but I think I’ve only gotten one product in a shade that was totally unusable (this weird lipstick in this brown-to-mauve-to-puce colour that was too weird, even for me.)
      I don’t always love the products, but I really haven’t gotten a bag where I felt like my money was wasted. And yeah, the surprise factor is part of the value! 😀 They do sneak previews of their glam bag products on Facebook before they ship each month, and I’m STILL surprised.
      Okay, this is bad. But I’m saying it: eco beauty products are almost always a pass for me. And yeah, that decision started with hippie toothpaste. YECK. I HATE mint, so I tried this lavender stuff. It was like brushing my teeth with chalk and moss. I really like Burt’s Bees products, but part of me is suspicious of just how eco it is.

  2. Yeah I feel bad too. I try to console myself that a large part of what makes cosmetics “non-eco” is all the plastic packaging and the shipping. The eco products aren’t an improvement in that area so I can just go back to feeling guilty for using cosmetics at all. ( Except Mac’s Blacktrack gel liner. I need that shit. )

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