No One Cares.

Yaknow how Facebook has a “Like” button?  And how for every “Like”, there is a petition in the works to get a “Dislike” button?

Well, I’m heading the call for a “No One Cares” button.

Oh, you want to express your political or religious opinion?  NO ONE CARES.  Your baby just pooped?  NO ONE CARES.  You’re talking about a totally irrelevant TV show, movie, book or other senseless piece of entertainment? NO ONE CARES.  You want to take offense to some completely minor point, thus derailing the entire conversation?  NO ONE CARES.  You want to correct a single piece of grammar or logistical fact to someone who obviously isn’t a grammatical idiot?  NO ONE CARES.  Have a long-winded rant about how silly and annoying people on the internet can be?  NO ONE CARES.

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