A Review of MyGlam Bags from a Normal Girl

Where I’m Coming From:

I keep seeing reviews of the MyGlam bags from Youtube Gurus and makeup hoarders who are upset with the quality of the MyGlam bag content because they already have dozens of each product. I really feel like the point of the MyGlam bag is to introduce makeup novices to new products. There have even been products in the MyGlam bags that I would think a real makeup horse would already have outright–that tells me it’s not really geared toward someone with an extensive makeup collection.

So here’s a review from someone who isn’t a makeup genius. I have a pretty limited makeup collection. I joined MyGlam because I want to try new products, but simply can’t risk the expense of buying a full-sized product only to find that I’m disappointed. Spending $10 a month seemed like a smart way to budget my cosmetic expenditures, since I was spending too much on cosmetics some months.

I’ve been a member for two bags now. I ended up on the wait list, so I got in just after a lot of the billing and shipping confusion went down and was (for the most part?) corrected. I have never had a billing or shipping issue.

The Bags:

The first bag was April. The bag itself was shiny pink. Inside was the hunter green Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-on Eye pencil, the most demure set of All-Belle lashes, the Dermstore Lip Quench and the two MyGlam brushes for that month (an all-over eyeshadow brush and eyeliner brush.) I was fortunate to get the green liner–some people got the hot pink Woodstock and were really upset. I hated the Dermstore Lip Quench–it make my lips feel sort of stingy, was really hard to get out of the tube and tasted awful. Overall, an okay bag. I considered switching for the Birch Box, but decided to wait it out for another bag or two.

The second bag was May. The bag was bright blue with pink kisses. Inside was a sample of Philosophy Love Sweet fragrance, Studio Gear lipstick in a horrid brown-mauve color, Miss Beauty nail bling with hearts that are too small for my nails and the two brushes for the month (concealer brush & defining eyeliner brush.) The lipstick was gouged along the sizes and was sweating oil–they chose to mail lipstick in late May, and this was only in my mailbox for less than an hour in 75 degree weather. So everything that happened to it occurred in transport.

My Issues with MyGlam:

My problem with MyGlam is that I filled out a profile that clearly stated my makeup preferences. At this time, they’re not using those profiles and just sending a random product. In the sneak preview photos for the lipstick, the colors looked bright and pink. I got a color that is unsuitable for virtually any skintone I can think of. Some people who prefer very demure makeup got hot pink eyeliner. I think it would really be easy for them to sort people’s preferences in, say, three types: adventurous, glam, natural. Sort the colors among the three preferences and mail them out in three batches. I don’t think that would be logistically difficult at all. In fact, I think it would help them better request products from their suppliers–we need X of hot pink and blue, Y of brown and green, Z of black and purple.

A lot of people have complained about the smell of the MyGlam brushes. The first two I received didn’t have a noticable smell, but my latest two definitely did–like gasoline. This is AFTER people have complained to MyGlam about the smell of the brushes. Is the smell the lacquer of the handles? I worry about the safety of these brushes. Similarly, we received eyelashes from overseas–how are these products safety inspected? Is it even legal to sell us these products?

Another issue I have with MyGlam is the shipping. I’m billed on the first of the month, but the product doesn’t BEGIN shipping until the 10th. I end up receiving it around the 15th. It seems like it would make more sense to bill customers as shipping occurs–and to ship items at the first of the month. There is sometimes a delay between the actual shipment and email notificiation that the item has been shipped. That’s a little stressful when I’m already aware of their past shipping errors. I’d like the option to skip months without losing my subscription, as well.

The Verdict:

Two months in, I’m staying subscribed. Like a lot of people, I want this venture to go well. I love Urban Decay and some of the other brands that have been a part of MyGlam, so I’m sticking around. I’ve gotten mostly full-sized products in both bags, so I feel like the MyGlam team has heard the complaints that their “deluxe” samples were kind of bogus in the past. I also really liked the concept of the brushes. Again, for a makeup novice, getting decent brushes is a godsend. For a guru? Useless, I imagine.

I’m on the fence about the actual bags. Getting a new makeup bag a month? I might save them to give presents away at Christmas, because I simply don’t need any makeup bags. I think the MyGlam team could actually do away with the little bags and focus that funding elsewhere. I know they’re MyGlam -bags-, but how many pink makeup bags does one person really need? They come in a pink mailer pouch, so blam, makeup BAG. I’d rather get more custom-made MyGlam products.

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