Understanding What I Give and What I Get

I don’t know why I expect to get so many good things when what I give is such shit.

I’m realizing this more and more lately; the things I contribute are half-baked and poorly considered, and the things I want are perfect.  If I create good things, will I receive good things in return?  If the energy I share is positive, will I receive positivity back?  I hope the universe works this way.  I hope that people who get exactly what they want give good things.  There are always exceptions, but pretty please, can I just not be one?

I want good things.  I want happy things.  I want better things.

So I’m going to try to give better things.

One response to “Understanding What I Give and What I Get”

  1. That’s a great realization, Dootsie. I’ll have to think how that applies to my life.

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