Office Tour

I’ve thought long and hard about creating a tour of my apartment, only to come to the conclusion that it’s just too darn messy and too little ME.  The things I have are unabashedly me, but things are so dark and drab, I just don’t feel like it’s a reflection of who I am at all.

There’s no doubt that I spend more time at work than I do at home.  And my office is well-appointed and sunny.  I didn’t choose the furniture or wall-color, but it’s pretty in line with things that tickle my fancy.

So here it is, a tour of my office.


This is the meat of my desk area.  Monitor, phone, tower, plant, miscellany organizy thing, tissues, wine.  The organizers came from Wal-Mart.  Plant from Kroger.  Office supplies from God and everywhere.


A closer view of my monitor, anthropomorphic phone and mouse.  The wrist cushion came from Wal-Mart.  It’s filled with little plastic pellet beads.  I play with it about as much as I get real, appreciable use from it.


To my right, there are two beautiful windows.  Between them, I’ve strung up a scrap of kimono fabric I got from etsy.  Here, you see a lily painting I did, some poorly-folded origami cranes, photographs I took, a sproingy clock and a tray from Target.  Also, the outdoors.  You see that.

ImageA lovely detail shot of just how poor my origami skill are.  But check out the windowsill!


By the windows is an Ikea file cabinet.  I’ve covered them with scarves and miscellaneous goods.  Pictured, you see a doll my mom picked up at an antique store, a chiropractor’s bag ($12 at Goodwill) a string of silk beads from the Somaly Mam Foundation, a pair of antique books, an antique camera, a photo album and a paper airplane my boyfriend made.


The back wall bears these cabinets.  I put my antique cameras on top.  Don’t worry about the value–they’re worth between $10-$25 each.


On the wall by the door is the other filing cabinet.  Another scarf adds colour to the top.  Here, we’ve got more cameras, a little trinket box ($0.50 at Goodwill) a book of Japanese hairstyles, a needlepoint Japanese girl, a projection lamp, a poorly-folded origami crane and more books.  There’s a bright green parasol hanging in the corner above this.

Things I need to work on?  There’s nothing hanging on the walls.  I might invest in some wall decals.  I’m not sure if I’m committed to this decor.  Frankly, it’s all up because it’s colourful stuff I love, and because I already had it. The Japanese goods used to grace my previous apartment’s bathroom.  I’ve always had a lazy fascination with Japanese things, and I certainly appreciate the hues presented here.

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