Thanksgiving Menu Scheming

Appetizers: "Pumpkin Pie" cheese appetizers (If I have time and feel Pinteresty) Apple cider sangria No Knead Bread (with olive oil) Veggie platter Dinner and Sides: Garlic mashed potatoes (maybe baked and crusted with cheese) Basic cranberry sauce Sweet potato casserole (made by my aunt, I’m sure) Experimenting with the turkey—more aromatics, I think Cornbread stuffing with [...]

Pre-Holiday Season Purchase

Again, I know I'm early to the party with all my ideas for holidays and whatnot, but this is important, guys.  I'm talking about changing your entire holiday, guys.  And for those of you in Canada, Thanksgiving is Monday, right?  So this is almost too late for you guys! A roaster oven.  This thing cooks [...]