Fall Food Reviews

Hiram Walker Pumpkin Spice Schnapps ($9.49 at our local liquor mart): This is a tiny bit oily and an alarming shade of orange (I honestly thought the bottle was orange and was surprised when I poured it out in the glass!)  This was really yummy to me.  I can’t imagine just drinking a ton of it on its own–it has that dry mouthfeel that many spice-flavoured products do–but it’s not cloying or fakey tasting.  I tried dropping this in some apple cider and I didn’t love it.  It tasted very buttery over the acid of the cider.  I’m still trying to figure out a good cocktail to use this in.  I’m going to try hot cocoa next.

Hood Pumpkin EggNog ($3.50ish at Kroger): THIS STUFF.  Imagine you were making a pumpkin pie and you were like–screw it–so you put the filling in the blender with some ice cream.  That’s what this is like.  It’s very smooth, very creamy and very pumpkiny.  It contains actual pumpkin!

Twizzler’s Caramel Apple ($3ish at Wal-Mart): The bag smelled very strongly of green apple candy, so I was very hopeful.  The green twizzlers with caramel filling have an appearance that’s a little off putting.  The Twizzler doesn’t have much flavour and is very soft.  The caramel is soft but has a sugar crunch to it.  The taste and texture is reminiscent of Cowtails.  I just didn’t like these, but my boyfriend really did.

Mama Walker’s Maple Bacon Schapps ($9.50ish at our local liquor mart): Going into this stuff, I didn’t hold out much hope.  Fake bacon flavour is an abomination and paired with fake maple, FOR-GET-IT.  This really surprised me!  The flavour leans more on maple and tastes much more like syrup than Mrs. Butterworth’s manages!  The bacon is more of a smoky aftertaste.  This gets a thumbs-up from me!