Zoya New Year, New Hue

photo (26)Back in January, I ordered the Zoya New Year New Hue promotion (now over).  They were offering your choice of any three shades of nail polish (normally $9ish each) PLUS 3 “all new” mystery mini shades for “free”, just pay $15 shipping.

I just received it, so I figured I’d review it.

It took about a month for me to get this order, which I know is not normal for Zoya.  Since this was a “free” promotion, they didn’t exactly put a rush on the orders.  They also claimed they waited for the promotion to end to begin mixing the mystery shades.  I wasn’t terribly bothered by this, though I do wish they had emailed me when they order finally shipped.  I had to search their site for my tracking code to get any updates.  Since people were confused by this and a marketing mistake they made on their end, they gave everybody who ordered it a free bottle of their new Naturel Satins polish with any new $15 order, which I think was above and beyond.  I knew it was free, so I had no expectations, but people being people, a lot of folks were pretty angry that it took a month for Zoya to fulfill this order.

Anyway.  I picked Yuna, Sansa and Savita.  I’d rate my satisfaction at an 8/10.

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Sinful Colors Review

Note: at the time of post, it’s been about 2 days since I originally reached out to Sinful Color’s parent company, Revlon, for a customer service complaint (Sinful Colors currently doesn’t have a customer service department at all.)  I’ve received no response.

A while back, I purchased three bottles of Sinful Colors polish in a bright fuschia, a neon pink and a pretty teal.  I couldn’t put them on immediately due to their weird nail fiasco, so you can imagine my glee to put on these bright polishes the minute I mentally cleared myself for painting.  All the beauty reviews at the time had nothing but good things to say about Sinful Colors (later, I’d learn that they stole photos from bloggers for their press materials, and I’d realize that most beauty bloggers don’t review wear longevity.)

I was let down, big time.

I first tried the fushcia, a shade called Dream On.  It looked lovely as I brushed it on.  Then it went sort of flat gloss matte.  It was a bit streaky, so I did two coats.  I like the matte look, so I decided to give it a wear without a topcoat.  As I brushed my hair, the polish began to flake.  The next day, I spent most of my time brushing off the polish flakes that had scattered everywhere.  I wrote Revlon about this experience.  Any polish should be able to be worn without a topcoat, in my opinion, and a polish should be up front about what texture it will be when dry.

Since two of my fingers were totally clear of polish after that, I brushed the teal on my pinkie and the neon pink on my ring finger.  The teal only needed one coat but the neon pink was super streaky and could’ve used two coats.  I didn’t bother, just to see if it would chip as quickly.  It didn’t, so I gave the teal a try on all my fingers.

The color is Savage.  On this blog post, you can see the matte finish, as well as how it looks with a topcoat.  I did a basecoat, a single layer of Savage and a topcoat.  Within 24 hours, this happened:

It shattered.  I’ve never seen anything like it.  Not only did it chip and require a touch-up, the polish actually appears to have shattered in the middle.  It’s completely cracked all across the nail, which the photo doesn’t totally show.  There are other chips on other nails, as well.  Some of the chips are in the middle of the nail.  I didn’t do anything too rough with my hands.  Certainly nothing that could gouge the polish.

This is awful product quality.  If I can’t get 24 hours worth of wear out of a nail polish, the company may as well fold.

Have you tried this brand?

MyGlam July 2012 Extended Cut

Let’s revisit that MyGlam post, shall we?

I hadn’t gotten to try out a couple products when I reviewed, so Imma tackle them now.

First, the conditioner.  I mentioned that it smelled nice.  When I got it out in the shower, I have to say, “nice smell” went to “OH MY GOD I LOVE.”  It’s vaguely hippie meets autumn.  Not quite sandalwood, but sort of spicy like that.  I kind of want this as a perfume.

As for the actual, indended purpose of the product?  The very tippy ends of my hair are pretty dry, but the rest of my hair is average.  I get a lot of flyaways even when I’ve trimmed and my normal hair texture is sort of wavy bordering on slightly curly at the ends when it air dries.  I brushed it straight and let it air dry.  The bottom half of my hair went NUTS with curls after this stuff.  I really loved the effect, and hated to brush it out again this morning.  My hair feels slightly slicker, but I’m about average on flyaways and overall fluffiness.

On to the nail polish!  I stripped my nails down and did them all with Reverso, one coat.  When I was a wee tot, I tried painting my nails with white out.  This is sort of what I’d been hoping for all along.  It feels sort of chalky and matte, but has a faint shine.  The polish itself is nice and thick.  It’s a bit streaky, so I think two coats is ideal.  I had a hard time getting the tips of my nails painted, due in part to the thickness of this polish.  Still, it’s a totally lovely white, what I’d almost describe as neon white.  SO WHITE.  Like, Ross’s teeth white.

Beauty Review

A quick rundown of some things I’ve used lately (for all both of you who care.)

Wet n Wild Fast Dry Nail Color in Ebony Hates Chris $1 ish – First, let me address the name of this color.  I’m guessing it’s a reference to the show, Everybody Hates Chris?  And it’s black.  This is awkward for me.  It’s a weird trend to name nail polishes after TV shows, anyway, but this is pretty weird.

Moving on.  This polish comes with a flat brush that supposed to speed up the application.  The brush, to be frank, sucks.  It’s too stiff and ends up poking bald spots into the polish that’s already been applied when you go in for the next swipe.  The polish itself is thick and actually fast drying (another nail polish trend: “fast drying” that dries at regular speed.)  For a buck or so, it’s a nice polish.  It chipped pretty badly after a couple days of wear, but I didn’t use a topcoat or anything.  If you could sub in another brush, I think this would be a winner.  With a new name.  Seriously.

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