• Thanksgiving Menu Scheming

    Appetizers: “Pumpkin Pie” cheese appetizers (If I have time and feel Pinteresty) Apple cider sangria No Knead Bread (with olive oil) Veggie platter Dinner and Sides: Garlic mashed potatoes (maybe baked and crusted with cheese) Basic cranberry sauce Sweet potato casserole (made by my aunt, I’m sure) Experimenting with the turkey—more aromatics, I think Cornbread stuffing with… Continue reading

  • Thanksgiving Cometh!

    So it hit me that today is the eleventh (a big thanks to our Veterans out there!) and I still don’t have a Thanksgiving plan. I sat up this Google Doc with dishes, who’s preparing them and some of the things we’ll need for each of them.  As Thanksgiving nears, I’ll go in and highlight… Continue reading

  • Holly Holiday: Thanksgiving Menu Thoughts

    I live one to two holidays in the future at any given time.  I’ve always been pining away for future holiday fun, but at my job, it’s just gotten worse.  I did a Black Friday ad a couple weeks ago.  I’m scrounging together November-December events for a calendar for our next pub. So of course… Continue reading