Pre-Holiday Season Purchase

Again, I know I’m early to the party with all my ideas for holidays and whatnot, but this is important, guys.  I’m talking about changing your entire holiday, guys.  And for those of you in Canada, Thanksgiving is Monday, right?  So this is almost too late for you guys!

A roaster oven.  This thing cooks your turkey without taking up a single bit of space in your oven.  Instead of sticking the bird in there, fiddling with tin foil, pulling it out to baste (and spilling turkey juices all over your oven) the turkey is already out and easily accessed on your counter top.  Instead of attempting to cram your side dishes in the oven around the turkey, you have access to your entire oven.

The one I linked to is a 22 quart capacity.  My mom has a smaller one, I think.  This is an 18 quart one that is only $19.99.

And lest you think this is a thing you’ll use once a year, it does other stuff, too!  They can pretty much function like an oven, so most things that can be baked can be made in this.  Here’s a Hamilton Beach product manual for one of their roaster ovens with use tips, cleaning guides and more.  (Dootsie’s pro tip for buying appliances… always look up a product manual.)  We used one to do a whole chicken this summer, and it was so much less miserable than firing up the oven.

Do you have a favourite OMG LIFESAVER appliance?