Five Mother’s Day gifts that you’re going to want to steal

I got my mom something pretty cool this year, but I keep running across items that would be wonderful for moms (or anybody!) who needs a little cheer right now. I know it’s supposed to be a day just for your mom, but I’m a big supporter of the “It Takes a Village” style of parenting, and I feel like there are a lot of people out there who deserve to be celebrated for all the mothering they do.

But also, some of this stuff is awesome. If you need a treat… well, I won’t tell if you don’t.


The Mother's Day Divine Set from Chocomize ($40)

The Mother’s Day Divine Set from Chocomize ($40)

The Mother’s Day Divine Set: For $40 ($38 with coupon code MOM… with free shipping!) you’ll get an 8-piece assortment of truffles, a heart-shaped chocolate bar, a dark chocolate bar (with gold flakes!) and 6 macarons. Separately from Chocomize, the value of this box is around $51, so this coupon makes this a nice little discount. If you’re unfamiliar with Chocomize, you can build a custom chocolate bar with a variety of toppings (including gummy bears, Pop Rocks, pepper, crystallized rose petals, bacon and more!)

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Early Holiday Window Shopping

I do my Christmas shopping as much in advance as possible. In addition to preventing total budget meltdown, it means I get to avoid holiday traffic. And that’s magical.
I also just did ads for Black Friday and I’m working on a holiday gift guide at work, so trust me.  It’s seasonal!

I’m a notorious internet window shopper, so I figured my powers might be used for good by showing you guys some cool stuff I’ve seen about the interbutts lately. Maybe it’ll inspire some gift ideas for you!

Sephora by OPI Perfect Reds Set – $39
I normally don’t advocate owning an array of the same color. But this kit is clever. You’ve got a playful hot tomato red, a deeper cherry, chunky red glitter, metallic red and a deep wine. That’s pretty much a red for any mood. I haven’t seen any reviews on how these particular shades wear, but Sephora by OPI is usually pretty reliable. Plus, a set of red polish is festive without being something you can only bring out once a year.

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