Gallbladder Update

So I had my surgery back in July.  I anticipated the worst after that sucker came out, but things actually went really smoothly for me.  I ate sushi on day three after the surgery and pizza the same week.  Aside from random discomfort in my scars and some changes to “normal” for my body, things … More Gallbladder Update

My Gallbladder Surgery Experience (With Far Too Many Details)

Warning: I’m an oversharer.  If medical stuff makes you queasy, skip this post!  I’ll try not to be gross or graphic!  The takeaway is that I’m out of surgery and doing well.  I’m in a little pain, but much of it is just muscles getting used to being used in different ways than normal. My … More My Gallbladder Surgery Experience (With Far Too Many Details)


So I’ll be having my gallbladder removed in a week. Once a month with the flux of my hormones, I was having a migraine, diarrhea, nausea and indigestion.  Because the pain never centered on my gallbladder, I attributed these to the migraine, but I think know that I was having gallbladder attacks. With my hormonal … More Gallbladder